Dilma today makes his defense on the Senate floor

Initially, Dilma will 30 minutes for the presentation, but this time may be extended by 30 minutes.
29/08/2016 08h07 - Updated 29/08/2016 10h55
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The away President Dilma Rousseff will today (29) the Senate to defend the charges of having committed the crime of responsibility 2015. It responds to the impeachment process, on the grounds of having published in 2015 additional credit decrees without congressional authorization and also to use money from federal banks in Treasury programs [calls tax pedaling]. The PT was removed from the presidency by the Senate for more than 100 days.

Last week, Senate heard testimony from defense witnesses and prosecution on Thursday (25), sixth (26) and Saturday (27). Dilma starts talking at 9am. Initially, will have 30 minutes for the presentation, but this time may be extended by 30 minutes. At the discretion of the President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, who leads the impeachment trial, Takeaway president may have more time in the initial phase.

After the speech Dilma, will begin the questioning by senators. Each parliamentarian will have up to five minutes to ask questions. Dilma's response time is free and will not be allowed reply and rejoinder. Rousseff may also stop responding to the questions of parliamentarians. More than half of 81 Senators have signed up to challenge Rousseff.

Dilma's testimony will be accompanied on the floor for about 30 her guests. Among them are former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of PT, Rui Falcão, do PDT, Carlos Lupi, several former government ministers, as well as advisers and others close. Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), placed at the disposal of Dilma charge the same number of seats that provided for PT.

The expectation is that the testimony lasts all day and extends out of the night. Senators who support the impeachment guarantee that there will be clashes, but they will do all questions. They understand that the attendance of the president removed the plenary will not change the votes of senators.

Lawmakers opposed to impeachment, However, They believe that her speech will change votes. Senator Lindberg Farias (PT-RJ) He said Rousseff's allies are pinning all hopes on the testimony. "I think it will be a day in which Brazil will stop. I think the President can show the country that is the victim of an injustice and that there is a crime committed. I think it's a day that can turn the tide ", he said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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