Dilma impose condition to go to trial in the Senate: You do not want questions

The PT wants to guarantee that will not be attacked or disrespected.
05/08/2016 13h20 - Updated 5/08/2016 16h41
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Allies of President away, Dilma Rousseff, They are trying to tailor an agreement that allows her to attend the final judgment of its process in the Senate plenary, without being challenged by the parliamentary. The Dilma advocates advised her to attend the trial later this month, but she wants the guarantee that will not be attacked or disrespected.

Members of the basis of the interim president, Michel Temer, however, They believe it will be difficult to give such a guarantee Dilma. They do not want to commit to not ask questions.

The lawyer of PT, or former Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo, It has said it is only worthwhile to Dilma attend if she "speak and go". The allies rejected President estimate that it could take advantage of his presence at the trial to make a farewell speech from office.

Cardozo was this week with the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, to discuss some aspects of the trial, as the number of prosecution witnesses and defense. Lewandowski will be responsible for conducting the trial.

DEM and PSDB failed to ensure that open hand to ask questions. That is why, They say it would be better Dilma to preserve and even attend. The leader of the PSDB in the Senate, Cássio Cunha Lima (PB), He said the figure away President will be respected:

- We will be respectful, but we will not compromise the questions. We will be firm, but respectful - said Cunha Lima.

The leader of the DEM in the Senate, Ronaldo Caiado (GO), On the same line, He said that parliamentarians will debate and recalled that many today who are opposed to it and will vote for the impeachment joined the PT government base.

- It would be unpredictable. I've always been opposed, but others have been allies. I think the best at this point would it not be exposed. No more time for this. It has to be preserved as former president. And these types of situation, in plenary, they are unpredictable, conflictual and exhausting. This will not reverse any vote - said Caiado

Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) He said he would like to attend PT, but he said he feared retaliation:

- For me, Dilma should come, and speak out. But we have three or four senators who could create very embarrassing situations - said.

In 1992, then President Fernando Collor did not attend the trial. second partners, Dilma is still assessing the situation, but I have said it is exhausted.

Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), said in plenary that Dilma, a conversation, I told him not "take it anymore". In response, PT members spoke and said this was "a lie". But, backstage, They say the same thing.

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