Duo who assaulted an executive coach line 842 It is arrested in northern Manaus

During the approach was found with a gun accused, two intact munitions, money and a backpack with theft.
30/08/2016 14h47 - Updated 30/08/2016 14h47
Photo: disclosure

Military police of Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (ROCAM), They arrested early Monday evening (29), a couple who robbed an executive coach line 842 that meets all Good News, New Town neighborhood, North Zone.

According to the PM soldier Maderson under the control of the vehicle 9841, while patrolling the avenue of Torres received a complaint via radio network that two offenders had committed theft to an executive coach and who were fleeing the set Good News.

Immediately the team went to the place where popular reported that offenders were hiding in homes, then made demarches on site finding offenders in one of the houses which were rendered.

During the approach was found to Anderson Souza Castro, 22, a gun caliber 38 with suppressed numbering and two intact munitions, Lucas Barbosa da Silva 18, a backpack with stolen goods, plus an amount of R $ 189,30 and a knife. They were under arrest, They were conducted at the Emergency Service Service (SPA) Danilo
Belt for medical care and then presented to the 6th District Integrated Police DIP to legal procedures.

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