Ufam the DCE election is marked by turmoil

One of the ballot box was stolen, during the election.
12/08/2016 14h51 - Updated 12/08/2016 14h57
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The last election of the Central Directory of Students of the Federal University of Amazonas - (DCE / UFAM) It was marked by riots, fights and theft of an in academic units located in Northern Federal University of Amazonas Sector (I trust), on Wednesday (10).

According to the student of Petroleum Engineering and head of the plate 50 "We, the students!"Augusto Salgado, one of the four ballot box was stolen, during the election, students were able to catch the accused who suffered lynching and later came people who facilitated his escape from university.

The Electoral Commission was established by the Council of Base Entity – CEB com 5 representatives. In the process a member connected to Psychology Academic Center asked the Election Commission desfalcando removal that was with only 4 representatives. But any action must have the absolute agreement (50% + 1) which keeps the number of 3 members needed to decide. By the time the election commission does not reach a any action / work agreement should be terminated.

During the determination of the results of the polls there was disagreement among 4 Commission members, and two of them withdrew invalidating entire process along with the plate 10 – "Change does not shut", Chapa 31 – "Liberta UFAM and the plate 50 - "We, the students!"They reported that other members of the committee did not validate the polls external drives and they were responsible for rigging the ballot box that gave illegitimate victory Chapa 01 entitled to Viração 625 votes.

A new CEB is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday (16), in the North Sector UFAM.

DCE is a civil association formed by all students, academic centers, academic directories, free directories, non-profit, independent of the public and government agencies, governing body representing the students UFAM campus Manaus.

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