In final speech, Dilma asks senators to vote with conscience

The PT reiterated that committed no crime of responsibility,, if it were to lose their job, the country will have a wound.
30/08/2016 08h37 - Updated 30/08/2016 08h37
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In his last speech during the confirmation hearings of impeachment proceedings in the Senate, Takeaway President Rousseff asked that senators vote with "conscience". Dilma reiterated that committed no crime of responsibility,, if it were to lose their job, the country will have a wound "difficult to be cured". The session, closed just before midnight, It will resume on Tuesday (30), at 10 am.

"You can not assume that when you make exceptions and takes an elected president, without liability crime, This injury is very difficult to be cured. So I ask the honorable senators and ladies who are aware when evaluating this process ", said.

Dilma spoke, after his defense lawyer, José Eduardo Cadorzo, who abdicated to make questions to the president who started thanking the attention given by the senators, saying that the political dispute is normal, but that the process of impeachment is not good for the Brazilian democratic process. "Trying to invent impeachable offenses where there is not and try to turn the Budget, the execution of public spending on an ideological dispute of space that has no consequence for the good of the country, I think we have enough maturity to overcome this process that is not good for the country ", said.

The indictment says that she committed a crime committed when editing three decrees supplemental budget without congressional authorization and delay the payment of the Bank of Brazil lending to agribusiness and family farming programs coming from Harvest Plan, calls tax pedal.

Rousseff said that there needs to be understanding about the economic situation facing the country and that the country must have the maturity to seek an outlet for independent crisis of party orientation. "The maturity of not invent problems that do not exist and face where they exist", said.

Before, the PT said the prosecution's questions and reiterated that committed no crime of responsibility and that the issue of the decrees did not compromise the fiscal target. She also said that the funds from the Harvest Plan not configured loans, which is prohibited by the Fiscal Responsibility Law.

Total, 48 senators expressed with questions or counter-demonstrations or supporting Dilma. The Sabbath session lasted just over 12 hours.

In the evaluation of its supporters, Dilma did well and was able to show he did not commit a crime committed. "I think the day was very positive, the president was very firm, He answered all the questions, He showed that knows Brazil and its problems, deconstructed the thesis of a crime committed in relation to the decrees, the pedaling. It was haughty ", said Sen.. Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR).

The senator believes it can convince some senators who said they were in doubt vote for Dilma. "I believe the senators who were in doubt and who had not yet cast their votes in a position to express his vote against impeachment. It more than proved, not only here in the Senate, but for Brazilian society, this process is not a legitimate process; It is a blow. Tomorrow we expect to have a good surprise ", said.

The government leader, Senator Aloysio Nunes (PSDB-SP), also assessed that Rousseff had a good performance, "Maintained courageously their views". In favor of impeachment, the toucan said he was convinced that there was a crime committed. He said he does not believe in the possibility of reversal of votes for the PT. The government works with a score of 60 favorable votes to the definitive removal. "In my opinion it is characterized only impeachable offenses. I think the conviction of senators is already formed and, therefore, virtually nothing will be changed ", said.

Debates and voting
Tomorrow, They are planned debates involving the prosecution and defense, which may take the floor for an hour and a half each. There may still be reply and rejoinder an hour for each part.

After the debate, They will be called subscribers senators, one by one, to address us on the prosecution object, for up to ten minutes nonrenewable. More of 60 Senators have signed up. After the speeches, President of the impeachment process, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, shall submit a summary report of the prosecution and defense fundamentals.

In sequence, the vote will take place. Thereby, there is the possibility that the outcome of the impeachment may come early in the Wednesday (31), with a final vote of 81 senators to convict or acquit Dilma. For final output, are necessary votes of, no minimum, 54 senators.

Source: Agency Brazil

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