Engineer arrested suspected of trying to assassinate collector cans in Manaus

Marcelo Rebelo Rock thought the collector wanted to steal it.
26/08/2016 08h39 - Updated 26/08/2016 08h39
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The production engineer Marcelo Rebelo Rock, 42, He was arrested on suspicion of attempting to murder a collector of cans 22 years. The crime took place on 24 of June, in Orleans Street, Aleixo neighborhood, Centre-Su area of ​​Manaus.

The offender was intercepted by police officers from the 16th DIP in the house where he lived, located at the same address where the crime occurred. Second delegate, Marcelo was arrested in compliance with the remand warrant issued on Thursday, day 18 of August, by the judge of the 3rd jury Stick, Mauro Antony.

As Allyne Lima, on crime, por volta the 7:40, the victim would have gone to the dustbin of Marcelo house and ransacked some bags that were in place. The engineer thought that the garbage collector wanted to steal it. Marcelo then went to his car and took a firearm. Then, He made a shot that hit the young man in the chest.

"The young man was rescued and taken to the Ready Customer Service (SPA) Crowned. Later, he was taken to the Hospital and Emergency Room 28 of August, in south-central zone, which it was subjected to approximately four surgeries. When hospital received the victim came to us to report what had happened and indicated the address of the offender ", declared the holder of 16 ° DIP.

Allyne Lima said during consultation of the Integrated Public Safety System (Sisp) it was found the existence of police reports (WILL) denouncing Marcelo for bodily injury. The records were formalized by relatives of the offender from 2012 e 2013. In testimony at the police station, the engineer confessed that targeted the collector cans and that after committing the crime would have thrown away the weapon used to commit the offense.

Marcelo was indicted for aggravated murder attempt and illegal possession of firearm. After carrying out the procedures applicable in the police unit building, it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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