School Digital launches customized platform in public Amazonas teaching

In partnership with SEDUC, digital platform search educational content about 442 thousand students, 19 thousand teachers and 589 schools.
22/08/2016 12h26 - Updated 22/08/2016 12h26
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Designed to streamline and make more reliable the search for educational content, aimed at managers, teachers, students and their families, It will be released on Wednesday (24) or "Saber +" , Amazon platform developed by Digital School in partnership with the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC). The launch will be at 9 am in the Auditorium of the Professional Training Centre Fr.. José Anchieta (Cepan) and will be attended by the Secretary and State Education, Algemiro Ferreira Lima Filho.

The search platform thousands of digital educational content with more than twelve thousand digital educational content, with indications videos, games, animations, video classes, infographics and maps categorized by subject, series, theme, media type and language. The content meets the current needs of the public on a daily basis, innovating and stimulating teaching in and out of the classroom.

The new virtual environment brings together in one space animations, games, simulators, applications, and other types of digital assets, that can be used for free. The platform benefit around 442 thousand students; 19 thousand teachers and 589 schools, and 228 in capital. Besides that, Amazon is the first state that will have the custom platform launched in the new layout of the Digital School, in which it is even easier to use digital objects teacher in the classroom.

The portal also provides information on the level of accessibility for people with disabilities, type of use of license and have offline version. Besides that, indicates digital resources that can help in creating new learning objects; work with cross-cutting issues; and realization of projects in the community, among other educational possibilities.

Created in 2013 by inspirare Institute, Institute Natura and Telefonica Vivo Foundation, Digital School covers all curriculum components of basic education, with resources selected by ICT Educa – company specialized in researching and developing innovative solutions for interactive lessons, using the most modern technology to ensure high quality teaching and is responsible for the Digital School project curated.

Technology as an ally
In addition to learning partner, technology serves as an important tool for promoting equal opportunities. In this context, facilitates access educators, schools and school systems to innovative technology-based educational materials to enrich and stimulate the pedagogical practices, support students who want to further study and family interested in following their children's education.

According to the Natura Institute Project Manager, Maria Slemenson, the partnership with the state Department of Education of the Amazon is aligned with the strategy to disseminate a key resource capable of transforming education in Brazil. "The Digital School has an important role in enabling access to multimedia content and increase the quality of research sources. Besides that, brings learning with appropriate language profile of each and allows the advancement of studies in different rhythms ", Afirma Slemenson.

According to the CEO of Telefonica Vivo Foundation, Américo Mattar, technology and knowledge are important tools for transformation. "More than that: are bridges to the personal and social development just like the Digital School works to share information and enhance the teaching and learning through new technologies ", highlights.

According to the director of the Institute inspirare, Anna Penido, Digital School can be a great ally of teachers and students because it gives access to quality educational materials that encourage customization, allowing each student find their own way to learn. “This initiative opens a qualified door to transformation in education in Brazil, because young people are increasingly connected and mapping your favorite content autonomously. The platform facilitates this process”, stresses.

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