State School Joana Rodrigues Vieira meets 62 visually impaired children

The institution offers all the content of a curriculum of a mainstream school.
25/08/2016 08h00 - Updated 25/08/2016 08h00
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The State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) It offers specific schools of special education for the visually impaired and those institutions that work exclusively with special education and offers this type of specialized care is the State School Joana Rodrigues Vieira, located on the street Lourival Munis, 514, Gloria neighborhood, West Zone Manaus.No school year 2016, school serves approximately 62 students in morning and afternoon shifts, serving disabled children with low vision or total visual.

The institution receives students from 0 a 6 years, because the mode is supplied to the 2nd year of elementary school. Children 0 a 3 years are in the early stimulation, while students 4 e 5 years are the pre-school and students 6 years begin literacy.

Throughout the children's learning process, school work social inclusion, offering the visually impaired student teaching of Braille and sorobã (instrument used to make calculations).

The school social worker, Maria Menezes Eliete, He stressed that the work done in school is important to prepare students. "Here at school students learn Braille and sorobã for inclusion in another institution literate in Braille. Knowing sorobã, which is the mathematics of them, so they have less difficulty ", said.

During school activities, students have the entire contents of a curriculum of a mainstream school, with the exception of early stimulation of children who need to go to school two or three times a week.

In addition to the lessons of the curriculum, these students have activity of daily living, They have access to appropriate laboratory and make adapted form of physical education also.

visually impaired teacher
The school computer teacher, Luiz Gonzaga de Araujo, 49 years, It is also visually impaired and was student of the institution. He pointed out that the information is crucial in children's education process. "I was blind to 17 years and looked for a school so I could study and complete my studies. I arrived here at school 1984 and then worked precariously. I managed to graduate, to college and I started working here at school. I have 27 years of work by Joana Rodrigues. currently, I am in the computer lab and today, the use of computers is important for anyone, especially in the life of a disabled person. Today you can use a computer, send and receive email, make texts that previously you needed someone to transcribe, but now you can type, to print, correct, do just about everything a person sees can do on the computer and it has improved a lot ", He emphasized Professor.

Luiz Gonzaga, which is formed in Pedagogy at the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), and a postgraduate degree also by Ufam in Special Education, It adds that technological resources are essential for students who are learning computer and continuing studies.

The importance of school
Deusdite Ramos is the mother of little Miguel Ramos, 8 years. The child is a student of the State School Joana Rodrigues Vieira and said the institution is fundamental for her and the child. "My son is in school since 2014. We learned of the institution by his doctor, that indicated to us. When he arrived here it was not literate yet. He studied before, but I only worked with him the issue of socialization. The year 2014 It was very important in the life of Miguel, Today my son is a child literate. It has low vision and sees only 10%, but he is literate, It makes interpreting text and me, the school was essential in his life ", stated.

Michael's mother said she was delighted with the work done at school. "When I came here I was delighted with the school because I did not know existed. Miguel grew up with visual impairment and was not stimulated as a child because I did not know there was a school like this. Then I was thinking: 'My God, if I knew of Joan Miguel would be here longer, would be much more prepared ', because if you prepare the children while small, logical to have a faster return ", said.

For the realization of care to children, the institution teachers undergo a training held at the State School of Special Service Mayara Redman Abdel Aziz, no Center, through the Center for Support to People with Visual Impairment (CAP).

Teachers who work with early stimulation are training at the Institute Benjamin Constant, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), a traditional educational institution for visually impaired.

How to enroll children
Parents who wish to place their children with visual impairment in the State School Joana Rodrigues Vieira must meet the following requirements: for children 0 a 3 years are in the early stimulation, at any time of the year they can carry out the registration, just look for the educational institution. For students 4 a 6 years, We must be aware of the registration period, along with the regular education, according to the school calendar of Seduc.

information: 3625-0609

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