Drought puts four municipalities in the channel of Wood in 'State of Alert’

Alert was issued for Humaita, Apuí, Manicoré and Novo Aripuana. Municipalities of the Purus and Juruá gutters are in the same situation.
12/08/2016 08h12 - Updated 12/08/2016 09h56
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The Amazon Civil Defence issued on Thursday, 11 of August, "Alertness", for almost all municipalities trough the wood due to the drought. This is the second stage of a disaster, that can lead to an emergency situation.

"As the gutters of the Juruá and Purus, Madeira enters Alert. In this phase, we are carrying out the guidelines the local governments as the response preparatory procedures for a possible worsening of the natural disaster, which involves the collection of data on the specific needs of the population, and the lifting of government actions (state and federal)”, He emphasized the Executive Secretary of the organ, Colonel Fernando Pires Junior.

Enter "Alert Status" municipalities of Humaita, Manipur, Apuí and Novo Aripuana (respectively 590, 332,453 e 227 km, in a straight line, Manaus).

In assessing the Monitoring Center and alert the Civil Defense of the State (ćemo), the state of the rail, that is natural dry season, It was potentiated by a mass of dry air that inhibited rainfall in this region. The agency is based on the official data of the Amazon Protection System (pouring).

Next week, Amazonas Civil Defense will send three technical teams to evaluate the scenario in the gutters of the Juruá, Purus and Madeira.

Current situation:

Guajará (a 1.476 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line)
City reference to the other municipalities of the Juruá trough, the river level today is 2,51m. The largest recorded drought was 1995 when it reached 2.20m. The comparison of the data shows that lack 31cm to reach the historical dimension of drought.

Ipixuna (a 1.367 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line)
The Civil Defense Ipixuna, municipality located in the channel of the Rio Juruá, officially informed the Civil Defense of the State, what 215 family 17 communities near the river side, They were with navigational difficulties.

The municipal body has held the wooden trunks removal work to restore traffic. Other local communities close to Freedom rivers, Açaituba and Gregory have navigation problems, but without isolation.

Boca do Acre (a 1.028 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line)
Purus Reference, the historic brand was ebbing 1998, when the river level reached a3,49m. To achieve the same record 18 years ago, missing 95 cm, so why now the river is measuring 4,44m.

Apuí (a 453 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line)
According to the Civil Defense Apuí, in the channel of Madeira, three of the nine districts of the municipality (San Sebastian, Cachoeirinha and Vila Nova), who are committed to water supply, They are being met with tank trucks.

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