Amazonians public school students go to the national stage of the School Games

Students ensured qualification for the Youth School Games, in Singapore (PB).
18/08/2016 16h37 - Updated 18/08/2016 16h37
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With a total of 118 medals, and 41 of gold, 29 silver and 48 bronze, Besides 34 trophies won, students ensured the classification in athletics modalities, badminton, futsal, judo, Olympic fight, table tennis and chess and come to the Youth School Games, in Singapore (PB), with great chances to medal in the children's categories (12 a 14 years), In September, and youth (15 a 17 years), in November.

Focus, resilience and talent. So was the participation of the public schools in the area east of Manaus, the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc), the 39th edition of Amazonas School Games (JEAs), largest sports state competition. Finished or championship, the student-athletes guaranteed 24 vacancies at the national level.

Students are enrolled in state schools Cacilda Braule Pinto (crowned); Antonio Nunes Jimenez (Zombie); Mary Magdalene Santana de Lima (Armando Mendes), Aurea Pinheiro Braga (CMPM IV), the Great Victory; and the Full-Time Education Centers / Cetis Elisa Bessa Freire and Sergio Alfredo Person Figueiredo, in Jorge Teixeira and City of God respectively.

to 13 years old, the student's 8th grade of elementary school CMPM Aurea Braga, Services Miranda da Silva, It is among young athletes who had excellent performance in JEAs and are classified to the national stage. Gold in Olympic wrestling and futsal, the student said he was pleased with the outcome and are prepared for the championship in Singapore.

"I am very happy with the result achieved in JEAs, because despite having suffered an injury, I managed to overcome the difficulties and ensure a gold medal. I am confident in the national phase, because I trained and I will continue training hard to achieve a good performance ", afirmou service Miranda, second in Olympic wrestling in JEAs last year, na categoria 52kg.

The student said that the sport has been a gap in its path and train a lot to realize his biggest dream: be Olympic champion. "In my school, encouraging the sport is very strong and it makes me want to increasingly improve as an athlete and, by God's will, realize the dream of reaching the Olympic Games in 2024 ", revelou service, still compete in futsal, mode in which it is rookie.

Another student who adopted sports as a life goal is Amanda Cruz de Souza, 16, student of the 2nd year of high school at the Center for Full-Time Education / CETI Sérgio Alfredo Person Figueiredo. Gold medal for the second consecutive year in the sport javelin, the young believe that sport will bring great achievements in its path.

"My history in the sport began in the CETI Elisa Bessa, when a teacher discovered my talent in the sport and encouraged me to continue training. I've been through many personal problems that made want to give up, but when I start training, these problems disappear. With the sport I have achieved many things that have never imagined in my life and it makes me want to go further ", said the student.

Qualified for the Youth School Games for the second time, Amanda said it is much more confident and will give their best to be recognized nationally. "I believe I have good condition to get a good result in the competition this year, much more than in last year's games ", spoke.

studies, functional training, weight lifting and judo. This is the student's routine João Victor Moura, 16, student of the 2nd year of the state school Maria Madalena. Encouraged by his father to train judo since the age of five, John Victor recognizes that sport has changed more every day your life.

"I confess I did not feel like the judo, same training since I was five years. In 2014, in one of the competitions that participated, I found that I could get further and changed completely, going from a rowdy student, for someone who is determined ", said John Victor, gold medal in judo in the category -81kg.

In its fifth participation in the Youth School Games, John also guaranteed to give your best in the race with the best mode. "Sport makes me dream about the taste of victory, so I believe that preparing well, I will have the opportunity to achieve a favorable outcome ", said the student, enthusiastic.

Guaranteed to the national phase, students of athletics modalities, badminton and wrestling in the children's category, board for João Pessoa next September. Already students classified in athletics modalities, judo, Olympic fight, table tennis and chess in the youth category, travel in November.

According to Jorge Lelis, Coordinator of Physical Education of the District Coordination Office of Education 5 the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC), administratively responsible for the schools of East Zone, the result is extremely satisfactory for all teachers who have struggled and believe in sport as a means to reveal talents.

"This result was very positive and exceeded our expectations, it is the result of an intense preparation aimed at the sport we do with the East Zone schools. The amount of medalists and ranked students for the national stage of the competition shows that investment in our students have been worth ", said Professor.

In this year, the largest school of Amazonas competition, the JEAs with the participation of 869 athletes 22 the inner cities and 7.560 capital of athletes, competing in 16 sports, among which: Athletics, biking, chess, badminton, Jiu Jitsu, judo, Olympic fight, table tennis, Beach volleyball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, football field, rhythmic gymnastics, handball and swimming.

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