Former militants who accuse rape Feliciano goes from victim to investigated

Or delegate, responsible for the case, He said he had evidence that the crimes did not occur.
11/08/2016 14h30 - Updated 11/08/2016 14h30
Photo: reproduction

A journalism student and former militant of PSC, Patricia Lélis, accusing Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) attempted rape and his adviser, Talma Bauer, threat and false imprisonment has to be investigated by the investigation in determining the 3rd Police District in São Paulo.

The delegate Luis Roberto Hellmeister, responsible for the case, said in the early evening of Wednesday have stuff to prove that the crimes denounced by Patricia on Friday there were no.

According to Hellmeister, Police gathered video that would prove that Patricia circled the city in the days before the complaint, last Friday, which disqualify the accusation she made against the adviser Feliciano to keep it in private jail in Sao Paulo. It also would have met in a hotel Bauer, and images reveal a cordial atmosphere between both.

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