Former mayor of Presidente Figueiredo will have to return more than R $ 7,1 million to public coffers

Accountability refers to the exercise of Antonio Fernandes Vieira Sources at City Hall in 2012.
03/08/2016 14h00 - Updated 3/08/2016 14h00
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The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) deemed irregular, early on Tuesday (2), accountability (the exercise 2012) the former mayor of the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo Antonio Fernandes Fontes Vieira. Irregularities led the former manager to be ordered to return to public coffers, between fines and glosses, more than R $ 7,1 millions.

According to the Hearing Officer of the former mayor of Presidente Figueiredo process, Julio Pinheiro, the absence of justification on the acquisition of the fuel above the market average price, as well as the absence of corroborative document control for procurement of official vehicles, by requisitions, resulting in a higher cost to R $ 5 million in fuel consumption; and lack of travel vouchers in daily payment processes granted to employees were some of the detected improprieties. The value must be returned to the coffers in 30 days. The manager may still appeal the decision.

The board also decided by the irregularity of the provision of the former mayor of Coari accounts, Iranilson da Silva Medeiros, for the financial year 2011. The former president was sentenced to return more than R $ 1 million due to irregularities such as lack of proof of expenses; non-payment of consignments to Coariprev and Coari Prefecture; and interest expense and penalties for late payment of social security contributions.

Accountability, for the financial year 2008, the City Hall of Rio Preto da Eva, under the responsibility of former mayors Anderson José de Souza, (no period 01.01 a 20.05.2008), Cássio André Borges dos Santos (no period 21.05 a 13.07.2008) and Fullvio da Silva Pinto, (no period 14.07 a 31.12.2008) It was judged irregular in Anderson José de Souza management; regular on Cássio André Borges management of Santos; and irregular in Fullvio management Silva Pinto. Former Mayor Anderson de Souza received a fine of R $ 14,4 one thousand; and Fullvio Pinto Silva received about R $ 20 thousand in fines. The fines imposed on former mayors are for irregularities such as to incur expenses without bidding process; and not sending Summarized Budget Execution Report and Fiscal Management the Court of Auditors.

Audited accounts
Also during the 27th ordinary session of the full TEC were approved with reservations the regular state secretary of checks and balances of the Special Fund of Greater Manaus, exercise 2011, René Levy Aguiar, and the Executive Secretary of the Special Fund of Greater Manaus, Fernando Melo de Carvalho; and general director of the Emergency Services Service (SPA) São Raimundo, exercise 2015, Clizaneth Cavalcanti Guimarães Campos. The accounts of Oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon), ediretor president responsible for Edson de Oliveira Andrade, the year 2014, They were also approved with reservations

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