Facebook opens hardware lab where neither Zuckerberg can get

Facebook wants to be more than a company behind applications and websites, he also wants to be a hardware manufacturer.
04/08/2016 12h17 - Updated 4/08/2016 12h24
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Facebook wants to be more than a company behind the internet applications and pages to be recognized also as a hardware manufacturer. Thinking about that, the company inaugurated this week a specialized laboratory in the construction of new devices within its US headquarters.

It area 404, a reference to the famous HTTP error that reports “Page not found” no browser. Until today, Facebook has focused its investments in hardware in a few projects, as Internet or drone Aquila, cameras 360 degrees virtual reality and a public Internet high-speed network (only a prototype, actually).

A area 404 More occupies a space 2 thousand square meters and is divided into different halls. In one of the most protected, called “How things are done”, only 10 Facebook officials can enter using a unique access card. For Security reasons, even the founder and president of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, you may come in.

A main “attraction” the maximum security room is a waterjet cutter used to outline and cut the most diverse materials, including metal plates. The machine shoots a fine mist of water 60.000 PSI, a high level of pressure that can drill steel, aluminum, madeira, glass and many other materials.

With this machine, weighing more than 30 tons, Facebook's engineers can produce storage cases of your servers, for example, instead of making the request with an external company. A process which lasted for months before, now it should only last for days. Most rooms Area 404, by the way, It is full of tools and machinery to produce the hardware to be used by Facebook itself, rather than to products being sold in the market.

The space also has locksmiths equipment and various 3D printers. Employees can also take advantage of the area 404 to design and produce personal items, as door-trinket or other private projects in their spare time. Facebook also points out that the idea behind the Area 404 It is only making prototypes, and not start mass production of whatever. This step is further delegated to a contracted factory.

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