Fidel Castro celebrates 90 years criticizing Barack Obama

Former Cuban president criticized Obama, that he had not apologized for the atomic bombs of Hiroshima.
13/08/2016 14h30 - Updated 13/08/2016 14h30
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Celebrations across the country celebrate this Saturday (13) Birthday 90 years of former Cuban president Fidel Castro, leader of the revolution that brought the Communist regime on the Caribbean island.

Until now, Fidel has received congratulations from the Russian state leaders, Vladimir Putin; Bolivia, Evo Morales; and North Korea, Kim Jong-un. O President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, It is in Havana for the festivities.

Born in 13 August 1926, in Biran, town located in eastern Cuba, Castro has not appeared in public on his birthday for years. In his hometown, a photographic exhibition shows the trajectory of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

In the capital, murals were installed painted by 16 artists in honor of former president. They are also provided for various debates, meetings and exhibitions. “In Russia, you are highly respected as an extraordinary political figure, who devoted his life to the Cuban people”, He wrote Vladimir Putin.

In an article published on its 90 years, Fidel left a little aside the celebrations and criticized the US president, Barack Obama, for not having apologized for the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during his recent visit to Japan.

“You must strum the need to preserve peace and that no power feel the right to murder millions of human beings”, he added, referring to Washington. However, He also thanked the messages sent on the occasion of his birthday.

“They give me the strength to give back through ideas that will convey to the members of our party”, he said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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