Flirt in the Olympic Village shakes Time Brazil and results in expulsion from almost vaulter Ingrid Oliveira

Brazil Olympic Committee (COB) he considered the removal of the delegation from jumping.
10/08/2016 11h51 - Updated 10/08/2016 11h52
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The public fight between the jumpers Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso involving flirtation in the Olympic Village, shack and almost expulsion of the Rio Olympic Games shook the Time in Brazil last weekend.

The squabble between the two was caused by Ingrid took another athlete of the Brazilian delegation to sleep in the room he shared with Giovanna that because of fellow flirtation had to stay in another room of the apartment and, the next day, He reported to superiors that the partner slept together.

Some leaders were aware of the problem and tried to hush up the case, however, the story leaked, viralizou in Whatsapp groups and eventually reached the top echelon of Brazil Olympic Committee (COB) that he considered Ingrid's departure from the delegation but to avoid scandal, We opted for another chance. In a statement, BOC adopted a generic speech.

"The COB will not comment on any cases everyday of the Brazilian Mission in Rio 2016. Internal problems are solved within the Mission, Prioritizing, whenever possible, the educational character before the punitive ".

Ingrid back on the platform individual event, day 17 of August. Giovanna ended his participation in the Games.

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