fuel supplier overpriced for Hall donates R $ 39,1 thousand for the Arthur campaign

Fuel was supplied 16,8% more expensive than the marketed streets.
22/08/2016 16h20 - Updated 22/08/2016 16h25
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The owner / partner Comserviço Ltda, company denounced by providing fuel overpriced for the city of Manaus is one of the re-election the candidate's campaign donors, Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB). Eraldo de Souza Teles appears in Arthur's donor list as a donor of R $ 39.166,67. The second largest grant received by the candidate. The data is the report of campaign donations available applications disclosure system of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

The company was reported in 2012 the newspaper Criticism, circulation in Manaus, by signing a contract with the Manaus City Hall to supply fuel value 16,8% more expensive than the other operated by the city gas stations. While in the streets the fuel liter value was R $ 3,07 – according to research conducted by the National Petroleum Agency, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) – the City bought a liter of R $ 3,59

In season, the Mayor explained that the company was the only one to participate in the event and it was chosen in the bidding process.

In 2015, Manaus Prefecture published an extension Extract No contract 086 signed in 2011, for maintenance services in the SAMU ambulances, no amount of R $ 554,5 one thousand, which means that the City has retained contracts with the company during Arthur management. The contract was extended for 12 months and wins next November. However, the report could not locate the Transparency Portal, the link contracts, the contracts with the company, as provided by the Transparency Law.

Also could not find the approval of contracts with the company in the Official Gazette of the City. The Extract 2015 It is only available in the portal file JusBrasil, independent site that keeps copies of Official Gazettes and public files on the Internet.

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