Employees of BR Distribuidora in AM and seven states paralyze activities against privatization

The sale of the company was decided in 22 July this year, by the Board of Directors of Petrobras.
16/08/2016 08h08 - Updated 16/08/2016 08h56
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BR Distribuidora employees started on Monday (15) a strike five days against the possibility of the company part of privatization. With a network of 7,5 thousand jobs, the interruption of activities, although partial, may affect the supply of fuel, according to the Union of Workers in the Mineral Trade and Oil Products in Rio de Janeiro (Sitramico-RJ).

The Amazon workers, Sergipe, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul also stopped activities.

in a statement, However, the company ensured that this should not occur. "Petrobras Distribuidora informs that adopted the necessary measures to ensure the security of supply with fuels its dealership network and other customers".

A presidente do Sitramico-RJ, Ligia Deslandes, He explained the reasons that led the category to go on strike. "It's to show that we are against the privatization of the company and how much Petrobras Distribuidora is important for the country. We are present in all states and go where no other distributor will. If another company to enter the control BR, we'll have all sorts of problems. To supply Manaus, for example, another company put the price too high for that region ", said Ligia.

according to her, Another problem with the sale of part of the capital of BR Distribuidora is related to the issue of national security, because the state is responsible for supplying the armed forces throughout the country. "We agree that supply the armed forces with a foreign company is a tricky thing. No country would do this. It's an absurd."

The sale of the company was decided in 22 July this year, by the Board of Directors of Petrobras, according to a statement published at the time: "The new process will seek partners that share control of the distributor, a corporate structure that will involve two classes of shares - common and preferred - so we stay majority of the total capital, but with a share of 49% no voting capital ".

In Salvador, Sindipetro the alert for the possibility of missing fuel, in the next days, because one of the main distributors of the city is with striking workers.

The Sindpetro listed the main reasons privatization can be ineffective in Brazil. The organization highlights, among other factors, strategic and social function of the company for the country, the supply of fuel and cooking gas butijões, price competitiveness, technical assistance to domestic industries, regulating market prices, among others.

Source: Agency Brazil

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