Gilmar Mendes says impeachment is embarrassing and vexing

Mendes said that accompanied the beginning of Dilma's statement on radio and television.
30/08/2016 08h44 - Updated 30/08/2016 08h44
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To the minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Gilmar Mendes, impeachment "is a painful process for everyone and extremely embarrassing and sometimes vexatious". He pointed out that the two impeachment process that the country had reached the end. "Perhaps somewhat lacking in strength of our institutions to put an end to this before". The statement was given to the press in the Public Law Institute of São Paulo, where the minister gave an open lecture last night (29).

Asked about the possible permanence of President Dilma Roussef away, Mendes just said that it is important that the issue of impediment is set. "This situation of uncertainty, that lasts a long time, It costs a lot to the country. impeachment, I got the impression that even in its infancy those who thought, os founding fathers, or American model, they did not think the impeachment to have a final result. Generally, what you want is, amid the impeachment process, when it becomes palpable, definitive, there is a disengagement, that the political forces reach an agreement, waiver or something ", said.

Gilmar Mendes said that accompanied the beginning of Dilma's statement on radio and television. "I Normal, I think important to exercise this right to defense and that eliminates any suspicion of restriction on rights protection, I find it extremely important to her presence in the Senate ", said.

On the claim that the current impeachment process is a scam, he said he believed that "this is a rhetorical game". "I do not think so supervision by Congress, Chamber, Senate, the Supreme eventually regulate all this, Now the trial is presided over by the President of the Supreme Court, It seems too speak of coup ", evaluated.

trial TSE
President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), the minister said the trial process of Rousseff's campaign accounts and Michel Temer. "Now we have the exchange of rapporteurs, tomorrow it happens that. The Minister Benjamin Herman takes the place of the Minister Maria Thereza. He will then take these accounts, this rapporteur ".

according to Mendes, the process is advanced and the piece of evidence and expertise is already virtually completed. The next step will be the testimonies. "I know they have already marked dates for depositions and everything, but we may have to get to 2017 ", He said of the deadline for the process.

Asked about the action of the object loss if there is the impeachment of President away, he said "this is an issue that will have to be submitted to the plenary, the full collegiality ". "Certainly the process is impaired in relation to President Dilma Roussef, which is plate head. So this issue will put, certainly the court will look into any point of order concerning this issue ", said, but no further details.

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