Gleisi, Whitewashed and Lindbergh hit mouth during Session of Rousseff's Judgment; see video

The confusion began when Gleisi said that no senator has moral conditions to judge Dilma.
25/08/2016 15h51 - Updated 25/08/2016 16h03
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The first moment of greatest tension today (25) in the trial of the impeachment process, not Senate, away against President Rousseff took the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, to suspend the session for a few minutes to try to restore order. The confusion began when Senator Gleisi Hoffman (PT-PR) He said that no senator has moral conditions to judge the permanent removal of Dilma.

"Here there is no one in a position to judge anyone. What is the moral of the Senate to judge a president?”, said, visibly elated. The statement was interrupted by indignant manifestation of other senators from the microphone, between them, Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO), who responded by accusing Gleisi: "The Lord is the slave labor", I said into the microphone.

Whitewashed then broke up the PT: "I'm retired robber". It was a reference to corruption scheme involving Paul Bernard, husband PT. The Federal Public Ministry and the Federal Police have accused the former minister of heading a criminal scheme that diverted R $ 100 million of pension funds. The husband of Senator was arrested by the Federal Police in Operation Cost Brazil.

Gleisi could not stand to be confronted and had to be contained in plenary.

Among the many shameful shacks Thursday (25) the federal senate also stands out the surrounding Senator Lindbergh Farias came out screaming and pointing fingers to the senators. When he crossed with Ronaldo Caiado, do DEM, He thought he could curse him and get a good. Whitewashed responded telling him to take a drug test. Many people laughed at that in social networks and applauded the Democratic response.

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