Melo survey works of Flores Avenue and new linear accelerator facilities in FCECON

Melo said that besides increasing the oncological treatment provision in the AM, the new linear accelerator will enable the reduction of waiting lists.
01/08/2016 14h24 - Updated 1/08/2016 14h29
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The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, inspected Saturday, 30 July, the progress of infrastructure projects and government health. With the busy schedule, he visited the site Avenue works of flowers and also the facilities of the new linear accelerator, that will be used in radiotherapy procedures in the State of Amazonas Foundation Oncology Control Center (FCecon) and that should be operational in the second half of August.

During the visit to FCECON, Melo said that besides increasing the oncological treatment provision in the Amazon, the new linear accelerator will enable an increase in attendance numbers and reduce waiting lists, with humanization of services. "In our government the proposal is increasingly expand the supply of services of excellence in health in the Amazon. For this, addition accelerator, we are also providing the purchase of other equipment to improve the radiotherapy service ", he said.

According to him, the forecast is that in 2017, the foundation receives one second throttle, it originates from federal funds. "With the arrival of equipment, a FCecon, considered a reference hospital in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the Western Amazon, increase the supply of radiation through the latest technology and be prepared to absorb the future rising demand ", he explained.

Daily, to FCecon held near 190 radiotherapy sessions, number represents about 30% the calls made in the hospital. Only in 2015, They were recorded 55,2 thousand radiotherapy procedures, an avarage of 4,6 thousand a month.

Avenue of Flowers
Even on Saturday morning, Jose Melo inspected the progress of works of Flores Avenue that, even in June, It was the liberation of 6,5 km stretch of four, located between the street 7 of May, in the north, to AM-010.

In this ocasion, Governor stressed the benefits that stretch of the inauguration brought to the population. "We ensure greater mobility for residents of various neighborhoods as New Town, Santa Etelvina and John Paul. Like this, we can give more flow and relieve the traffic in the capital ", said the governor.

For the completion of the work piece 4, It is interdicted from the day 11 July - for a period of 360 days, the passage that gives access to the set Carlos Braga. In him, They are being carried out drainage service, base reinforcement, sub-base and asphalt, and the trench that will access the avenue Margarita.

With an investment of R $ 244,4 million and 11,1 km long, Avenue of Flowers, plus 6,2 km da Avenida das Torres, It will be the largest Manaus bus corridor. The route will have two hands flow with a median and three lanes for vehicles on each side, one of them in each lane reserved for the exclusive bus corridor.

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