Government supporters say they will adopt respectful tone during Rousseff's speech

The strategy for Dilma's testimony was set at a meeting held on Sunday (28) the PSDB leadership in the Senate.
28/08/2016 16h42 - Updated 29/08/2016 09h56
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To avoid wear during the defense to be made by President Dilma Rousseff away Monday (29) in the Senate impeachment process, members of the allied base of the interim president Michel Temer government said they will be taking a "respectful tone" with Dilma, but they will not accept provocations of its defenders. The strategy for Dilma's testimony was set at a meeting held on Sunday (28) the PSDB leadership in the Senate.

"We held a meeting of the parties that make up the governing coalition to organize the behavior in tomorrow's session. The decision is to treat the president with all the respect it deserves as president removed, as a person who appears to Parliament fulfilling the constitutional rite of impeachment ", Senator Agripino Maia said (DEM-RN) after the meeting.

Senators estimate that Dilma will adopt an emotional tone in his speech and that clashes and hits mouths, as occurred in the first two days of the final judgment may come to favor PT. "We will not accept the provocation and belligerence or proposal in order to create new facts that could change the votes of senators", added Senator.

According to the senator and national president of the PSDB, Aécio Neves (MG), It will be up to Dilma to session tone. The toucan said that the guidance to the questions will be to stick to formal issues in the case against Dilma, responder on charges der have edited in 2015 three decrees supplementary credits without authorization from Congress and, also, to delay payment to the Bank of Brazil, subsidies granted to farmers through the Harvest Plan, calls tax pedaling.

"Our arrangement is to make tough questions, techniques, about the crimes committed by the President so that it can manifest on them. Obviously, if the tone comes from the president or even senators who support him for another, the reaction will be the height ", warned.

to Aécio, Dilma's speech will cause no change in the votes of senators. "The presence of the president is not intended to change votes. The conviction of the senators came forming over time, even before the start of this process ", said.

Senator Agripino Maia said the decision is to ask for the right to reply to Lewandowski in case of provocation. "If there is some kind of provocation, there will be the interpellation of the President caused [Ricardo Lewandowski] with the request for replica ".

The members of the governing coalition decided yet that will give priority to the speeches of the leaders at strategic times. The idea is that the main leaders are likely to change places with other senators and anticipate speech whenever deemed necessary. "If you have party people at the beginning of the sequence of speech and leaders who can ask questions, supposedly more appropriate, we will propose to those who signed up before if he agrees with the change of place. By the early afternoon, 47 Senators were registered to speak.

The strategy was soon adopted after the information that Senator Katia Abreu will be the first to use the word, shortly after Rousseff's speech. The senator will speak in place of Paulo Paim (PT-RS), originally placed first. Paim switched places with the former minister Katia Abreu due to the fact that the Senator be personal friend and one of Rousseff's main political allies, remaining in the government even after the breakup of his party with the president, in March.

While talking to avoid confrontation, Senators do not rule out the possibility of adopting a more political tone in questioning to counter possible provocations. O líder do DEM, Ronaldo Caiado (GO), He said that it will adopt a respectful attitude, but that "every action there is a reaction". "In my tera has a saying that the risk that runs the stick, runs the ax ", he added.

Dilma must reach the accompanied Senate supporters and members of social movements, that promise to make a walk to the Alvorada Palace to Congress, early Monday morning.

In his speech in the Senate, scheduled to start at 9 am, Dilma will 30 minutes to present his defense. The time may be extended at the discretion of the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, presiding over the trial. Then, it will respond to questions from senators. Each parliamentarian will have up to five minutes for their questions.

Dilma's response time is free and will not be allowed reply nor rejoinder. Rousseff may also help answer the questions of the senators. She will also answer any questions asked by the prosecution and the defense.

Dilma's testimony will be accompanied on the floor for about 30 her guests. Among them, are former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva; President of PT, Rui Falcão; do PDT, Carlos Lupi, several of her former government ministers, as well as advisers and people close. Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), made available to the prosecution the same number of seats that offered to PT.

When asked about the possible guests to accompany Dilma's testimony, Senators made mystery, but they admitted that invite members of movements that supported the impeachment.

Meeting part, besides Aécio, Whitewashed and Agripino Maia, the leader of the Government in the House, Aloysio Nunes (PSDB-SP), Alvaro Dias (PV-PR), Jose Anibal (SP), Cássio Cunha Lima (PB), Tasso Jereissati (THIS), Ricardo Ferraço, Waldemir Moka (PMDB-MS), Paul Bauer (PSDB-SC), Ana Amelia (PP-RS), vices Martins (PDT-RS) and the leader of the PSDB in the House, Mr Antonio Imbasshay (BA).

Source: Agency Brazil

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