Government creates working group to develop popular health plan design

The goal is to create a kind of health plan with lower costs and is an attempt to relieve the government spending on the NHS funding.
05/08/2016 09h50 - Updated 5/08/2016 09h50
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The Ministry of Health has created today (5) a working group to discuss and prepare the health plan design available. The ordinance was published in the Official Gazette and shall enter into force today, date that marks the National Health Day.

The creation of a more popular kind of health plan, lower costs, It is defended by the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros, in an attempt to ease government spending with the financing of the Unified Health System (THEIR).

Barros' proposal is to offer health plans with fewer services than those set by the National Health Agency (YEARS) as mandatory minimum coverage. Adherence to this type of plan would be voluntary. currently, ANS has, responsible for regulating body the health insurance sector, It has a list of mandatory procedures that all companies must offer customers.

The National Health Council (CNS) already he spoke out against the minister's proposal. For directors, the creation of a health plan “popular” not solve the problems of the country's health system and weaken the public. The council calls for more public resources for the NHS and public health quality for all with the tax already paid by citizens.

The proposal also creates controversy in the industry. While the operators of health plans support a review of the sectoral rules, professionals linked to public health say the measures would bring losses to the SUS.

Work group

The working group established today will 60 days to present its final report. The period may be extended once for the same period.

It will be composed of representatives of the Ministry of Health, the NSA and the National Confederation of General Insurance Companies, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization. The coordination group, in charge of the ministry, can, However, invite representatives of other agencies and entities, public and private, as well as researchers and experts.

For the presentation of the new plan proposal, the group should prepare technical documents for the design qualification and conduct financial impact studies.

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