Henrique Oliveira says he is willing to withdraw his candidacy in favor of Omar

About the alliance Arthur and Rotta, Henry said he was "appalled".
04/08/2016 16h36 - Updated 5/08/2016 07h54
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Since that or Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) announced break with Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB), candidate for re-election, the deputy governor and presidential candidate Manaus Prefecture Henrique Oliveira (SD) confesses that he give up his candidacy, If Aziz decides to run.

"I can only confess that he, Omar Aziz, I want to exit candidate I will be resigning my candidacy in favor of it ", said Henry.

On the possible ticket headed by Arthur and Congressman Mark Rotta(PMDB), as vice, Oliveira said he was "appalled" and more confident in victory because, according to him, the union of the two is crazy. “I start to really believe that I will be the mayor of Manaus, because no one in their right mind, if you have with your mental faculties in days, do what these people are doing, mainly or Artur (grandson)”, He opined the deputy governor.

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