Man denounced by stealing R $ 5 thousand in Semijóias's own sister is stuck in Manaus

The boy was booked in flagrante for robbery, the breach of trust.
29/08/2016 16h34 - Updated 29/08/2016 16h34
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, arrested in flagrante, on the morning of Monday, day 29, por volta the 9h, Helium Azevedo of Chagas, 24, denounced for stealing US $ 5 thousand in Semijóias, belonging to his sister, autonomous of 30 years.

According to the titular delegate of the police unit, Jander Mafra, the arrest occurred on public streets, in Palm Street, City of God neighborhood, North of the capital. Jander Mafra said Hélio was intercepted by the 13th DIP investigation team after his sister formalize the occurrence in the police unit.

"The offense took place yesterday, day 28, por volta the 18h, in St. David Street, City of God neighborhood. In this ocasion, the victim was working and was not at home, where the theft occurred. According to the victim, Helio had invaded the property after climbing a wall and entered easily on the ground because her dogs know the offender. The woman said that when he arrived from work found the overturned furniture and the bag in which were the jewels had disappeared ", he explained Mafra.

The holder of the 13th DIP victim reported that popular have commented that Helio would be trying to use a card she kept with the Semijóias. Because of the evidence, Unattended he deduced that he could be involved in theft. Helium were seized some stolen parts of his sister's house.

The boy was booked in flagrante for robbery, the breach of trust. After the legal proceedings it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which remain at the disposal of justice.

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