Killer hair confess arrested in Manaus

The offender confessed perpetrator of the crime and was charged with aggravated murder.
18/08/2016 15h39 - Updated 18/08/2016 15h41
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Marcel Souza Soares, 22, Hairdresser murder of the author Danilo Henrique Nunes dos Santos was arrested in the south of Manaus. The crime occurred in the early hours of the day 14 February this year. The victim had 19 years.

According to the delegate Ivo Martins, the offender was arrested by the team DEHS yesterday morning, day 17, por volta the 9h, the house where he lived, located at Rua Professor Antovilla Vieira, Morro da Liberdade, area south of the city. The arrest was made in compliance with the remand warrant issued on 29 June this year, by the judge of the 2nd jury Stick, Anésio Rocha Pinheiro.

According to Ivo Martins, the crime was motivated after an argument involving the victim and Marcel. The disagreement would have happened weeks before the crime. In season, Marcel dating a teenager of 17 years, Danilo friend. The offender would have quarreled with the girl and would have threatened with death. Danilo, to know what was going on with the couple, He came out in defense of her friend and began to pursue Marcel, in order to intimidate him, as Danilo had involvement with drug trafficking in the neighborhood Santa Luzia, Sul.

"No day 14 February this year, around 1 am, Marcel went to the place where Danilo sold drugs, in Guanabara Street, neighborhood Santa Luzia. Testifying in the specialized, he reported that the victim would have mocked him. Because of this, he went to the Panair, in Educandos neighborhood, Sul, and rented a gun for $ 100 and he returned to the "mouth of smoke" where Danilo was and made a shooting gun into the victim's chest, who died still in place ", said Ivo Martins.

The holder of said DEHS, during the press conference, there is another situation being investigated for, in December 2015, Marcel's girlfriend was seized three kilos of drugs in the city of Tabatinga. She would have agreed to make the transport of the drug at the request of Danilo, which led to the feud between Danilo and Marcel.
"During investigations follow some publications made by Danilo in a social network where he claimed to be being chased by Marcel. The victim arrived, inclusive, to say that if something bad happened to her would be responsible Marcel ", said Martins.

Marcel confessed perpetrator of the crime and was charged with aggravated murder. At the end of the procedures applicable in the specialized youth was referred to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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