Man arrested in Pará for involvement in the lawyer's death in Manaus

The offender was arrested by military police in the city of Itaituba, no stop. The victim had 87 years.
16/08/2016 15h54 - Updated 16/08/2016 15h54
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The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM), represented by the delegate Adriano Felix, holder of Police Specializing in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), He said early on Tuesday, day 16, during a press conference at 9:30 am, specialized in building, in the Central West of Manaus, on Rafael Queiroz prison dos Santos, 28, investigated for involvement in armed robbery which had the victim's lawyer Gilson Guimarães Lage, occurred on the night of 8 July this year, the avenue Ayrão, neighborhood Presidente Vargas, South zone of the capital. The victim had 87 years.

As the holder of Derfd, the offender was arrested by military police in the city of Itaituba, in Para state. The incident occurred on Wednesday (10). The arrest was made in compliance with the preventive arrest warrant, issued no dia 10 July this year, by Judge Margaret Rose Cross Hoagen, Criminal Duty.

According to the police, Rafael, the accomplice of his Jonathas Santos Fonseca, 27, arrested by teams of Derfd on the last day 12 July, in compliance with the preventive arrest warrant, and another individual, so far identified by police only as "Olhudinho", They went to the residence of lawyer, por volta the 21:30, They broke into the house and froze the elderly. Then they tied the victim, which would have reacted and eventually hanged by offenders.

"With the arrest of Rafael and Jonathas, we have the whole dynamic of the offense. Rafael hanged lawyer, while Jonathas tied the legs of Gilson so that it did not make noise tapping their feet on the ground and "Olhudinho" wrapped the rope around the neck elderly. The trio took place undisclosed amount in cash, victim's valuables, like ten watches that were later found with Jonathas at the time of his arrest and recognized by the daughter of the lawyer as Gilson ", said Felix.

The delegate also pointed out that the trio had intended to steal the victim's belongings and that Rafael was the mastermind of the crime. "Rafael masterminded the crime because he had access to the place, given that he would always seek in the house of a young old identified as Thaisa, who worked as a day laborer in Gilson's house and was the girlfriend of Rafael stepson. The third element, identified only as "Olhudinho", It is already being investigated by the teams of Derfd. We still have ten days to work the declared information, during testimony, by Rafael ", scored Felix.
During the press conference the president of the Bar Association of Brazil – sectional Amazon (OAB-AM), Marco Aurélio Choy, He praised the work done by the teams of Derfd that resulted in the arrests of two individuals involved in the lawyer's death. "Unfortunately we could not bring back the life of our colleague, but we can not but congratulate the excellent police work by the delegate Adriano Felix and the whole team Derfd. It is an encouragement for the family and for the Amazon law ", he argued Choy.

The victim's daughters, Gilmara and Silmara Lage, attended the press conference held this morning in the Derfd building and took the opportunity to thank the police for their efforts in the elucidation of the case. "We are relieved by the arrests of these two people who killed our father. We appreciate the support of the Civil Police and the OAB-AM for the attention with which they treated this case. We know that we will not have our father back, but we just want justice ", said Gilmara.

Rafael was charged with armed robbery. At the end of the procedures applicable in the specialized building it will be taken to the public jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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