Itacoatiara Hospital now offers CT service

The unit will cover the demand not only of the municipality, but also from other surrounding, as San Sebastian Uatumã, Silves, Itapiranga, Urucará e Urucurituba.
04/08/2016 11h20 - Updated 4/08/2016 11h20
Photo: Susam / Press Release

Starting next week, Hospital José Mendes, Itacoatiara, municipality 176 kilometers from Manaus, will offer the CT service. According to the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, the device installed in the drive cover the demand not only of the city, but also the surrounding municipalities, as San Sebastian Uatumã, Silves, Itapiranga, Urucará e Urucurituba (respectively 247, 204, 227, 261 e 208 kilometers away from Manaus). The expectation is that, monthly, are performed 140 exams. "These tests, which would require the patient to shift Manaus, They will now be held in the municipality ", said Pedro Elias.

The survey offering is part of the CT service expansion plan, the State Health Secretariat (Sesame), which will expand the rural population access to the procedure. Tabatinga, Tefé and Coari (respectively 1.108, 523 e 363 far from the capital kilometers) They are expected to receive CT scans, through parliamentary amendment of resources. The service is already offered in the San Gabriel Hospital waterfall (a 852 kilometers from the capital) and Parintins (a 369 kilometers from Manaus), through an agreement with a private clinic.

in Itacoatiara, for shipment of exams, the hospital will use the technology deployed by the Telemedicine Program of the State. "The data from tests performed at the hospital will be transmitted via satellite to the Central Reports, in the heart Francisca Mendes Foundation, In Manaus. The reports will be issued by the experts and return to the city for the local physician to care and patient follow-up. In cases of urgency, as I trauma, the reading will be done by the surgeon general hospital ", detailed Pedro Elias.

no Saturday, day 6, the secretary will be in the city, to monitor the tests for the exams. The hospital staff have undergone training to operate the machine. The unit director, Marcelo Benlolo, said the service offered in the city, initially, will be the chest CT scans, abdomen and cranial emergency. In the second phase of training, They will be absorbed into the more complex cases.

The implementation of the new service, according to him, It has the partnership of Itacoatiara Prefecture, which provided the room fitness and baritagem where the device will work. The county hospital is a mixed unit, coadministered.

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