Humaita receive Basic Health Unit of Fluvial Saturday (27)

At the unit primary care services will be offered, as vaccinations, medical and dental consultations,etc.
26/08/2016 14h54 - Updated 27/08/2016 13h34
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The state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, and the mayor of Humaita, José Cidenei Lobo do Nascimento, inaugurated, in this Saturday (27), the Basic Health Unit Fluvial Sister Angelica Toneta. The unity, that offer primary care services in health, comes into operation the next day 2 of September, with the first trip to meet the rural communities in the municipality.

The unit was built with funds from the Federal Government and equipped by the Ministry of Health (Sesame) and Humaita Prefecture, municipality that is 590 kilometers from Manaus. "The Basic Health Units River are part of a project submitted by the Ministry of Health Susam, whose main objective is to ensure the service to the entire Amazon river dwellers. The project was approved and the cost for construction and equipment of the units is divided between the three spheres of government ", Pedro Elias reports.

The secretary says, still, Humaita which is the seventh municipality to win a UBS Fluvial. There are six other operating, Borba, Manipur, Itamarati, Tonantins, Manacapuru and Tabatinga.

UBS Fluvial Sister Angelica Toneta will meet the rural communities Tambaqui Barrier, marvel, Flex, Grand paradise, San Miguel, Pacoval, Restoration, Muanense, Island Juma, Recreations of Pirabas, orange, Antônio Lake Community, Carapanatuba village, Tapuru e Carará. "Are 15 communities that will call from now on ", says the mayor José Lobo.

various services
At the unit primary care services will be offered, as vaccinations, medical and dental consultations, prenatal monitoring, guidance to patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, among others.

Travel to service these communities will be monthly and will last 22 days, and 20 days for patient care, a day to continuing education activities and a day for reporting on production.

The team that will make the service is made by a doctor, two nurses, a dental surgeon, four nursing technicians, an auxiliary oral health, a pathology technician, a biomedical, a nutritionist, microscopists four and eight community health workers.

The infrastructure unit has reception and waiting rooms, immunization, collecting material, procedures, drugstore, medical offices, dental and nursing. To use the team on the trip there dorms Cup, kitchen, cafeteria and bathrooms.

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