Brazil's image in the Olympics can bear fruit in exports, Serra says

The forecast is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Serra, during the campaign launch Be Brazil.
23/08/2016 09h49 - Updated 23/08/2016 09h49
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The good image that Brazil has achieved in the world with the organization of the Rio Olympics 2016 may bear fruit in foreign trade. The forecast is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Serra, who attended yesterday (22) the launch of the campaign Be Brazil, which aims to boost exports and foreign investment in the country, together with the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (Apex).

"The Olympics was a success, because security had, good access to all the games and broke the negative expectations that had, that there would be problems. The Olympics improved the self-esteem of the Brazilian people and our image abroad. This helps Brazilian products ", said Serra. However, second or minister, it takes more than an image campaign to boost business, that rely on long-term actions.

"Business is not an overnight. Let's make a working ant, permanent, clearly, to promote Brazilian exports. That means more jobs here, Our goal is social. And Brazil can be a major world producer, It is already today and can be much more. "

The president of Apex, Ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe, He pointed out that this is the first time that the agency and the Foreign Ministry formally work together on a project in order to promote the image and the country's foreign trade.

"They have never worked together as is now being done. And this is the big change. A convergence is required. All other countries in the world work in this way and we do not operate like that ", said Jaguaribe.

The president of Apex, there is no miracle in the promotion of foreign trade, but consistent work of intelligence and prospecting.

Serra returned to review the situation of the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur, in dispute since the Uruguay adjourned its management, in late July, He reaffirmed that Brazil does not recognize the command of Venezuela, said the standoff over the country Nicolas Maduro is overcome and the need to strengthen the block.

"We have to improve the functioning of Mercosur. The trade is freer, which today is not as it should. Having common rules, for example, health rules, make the waterway, that has all the conditions for it ", cited.

Source: Agency Brazil

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