Impeachment Dilma affects the Municipality of Manaus

The mayor criticized "the few who struggle to defend a government that ceases to exist from today”.
31/08/2016 14h52 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h46
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Councillors pro-government and opposition reverberated, on the morning of Wednesday (31), the tribune of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff (PT), occurred in the Senate and that ended with the definitive removal of the president with 61 votes in favor and 20 Against.

With a full speech critical of the government of President Dilma Rousseff (PT), away after the process of impeachment by the Senate, and also of hope in the economic direction of President Michel Temer (PMDB), to take power, the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), He said that history will judge, to the smallest detail, how it was disastrous for the Brazilian economy this second decade. "The economics textbooks will remember as one of the biggest setbacks of our Republic", assured.

Wilker Barreto said he has been talking since Monday (29) that has no pity President Dilma, because she is with her life settled. "I feel sorry for thousands and thousands of Amazonians who are embittered unemployment. But renew hope in this new moment that is living the country, consolidation in that moment that lives the Republic, when this House did not cower in defense of the Amazonian people ", assured.

The councilman criticized "the few who struggle to defend a government that ceases to exist from today, which protect only the power ", over the defense of an economic plan. "What they do is for wanting to stay in power, we charges. I do not see in the president speech and those who defend, challenge the economic policy, defend with courage and conviction the path of the economy. No defends his government plans ", completed.

For the president of the Legislative House, Brazil went very close to the abyss and the abyss that fell thousands of families who need to be rescued. Wilker believes the president Temer have to have vision like Itamar Franco, that is, let history judge his biography. For him, the new president has taken the right steps. "The remedy at first tastes bitter, but with each passing day cure. It's the same thing that happens in the economy. Today turns the page of the Republic and opens a path of light ", he said.

Wilker Barreto reaffirmed the effects of the disastrous policy of the Brazilian government, the same that is leading the Venezuelan people to leave the country to buy a kilo of sugar in neighboring countries. Councilman attributed to incompetence of the PT government, the situation experienced by the population, as neighboring countries such as the Chile and Uruguay enjoying economic growth.

Barreto ended his speech, believing that in two years we will have an economy returning to tranquility. "Because market expectations are good. Today the stock will rise, the dollar will fall, the economy will respond. Just this economic model that settled with Venezuela and almost leads Brazil to bankruptcy ", completed President.

Councillors as Sildomar Abtibol (PROS), Mario Fleet (PHS), Marcel Alexander (PMDB), Elias Emanuel (leader of the Municipal Government) e Professor Bibiano (PT) also spoke about the process of impeachment and the removal of President Dilma Rousseff.

Sildomar spoke of the historical moment experienced by the country and said he was looking forward to the result that was expected and confirmed. He said he believed in the vote with fulfillment of the rite and transparency led by the country's Supreme Court.

Mario Fleet, in turn, He said he did not know if one day Brazil would be proud of these 13 and a half years of administration PT. "Never in history at any time if witnessed many corruption bids, crimes such as practiced against us. We live in a terrible page of history. We need to regain economic credibility ", assured.

Elias Emanuel, writes a new page in the history of Brazil. The Brazil puts an end to the issue of impeachment. "It closes a cycle. While Chile and Uruguay thrive, the Brazil languished for a government without credibility. New story is written about this nation ", said.

Councilman José PT Waldemir, in turn, He pointed out that Brazil enters history as a country that takes the government an elected democratically by the people. "You won, They managed to do what they wanted. There in the campaign, already said that if the president were reelected not reach the end of its mandate. Soon in January already asked his impeachment. I am proud of the PT and to say that for all of us was a coup installed. Dilma was removed to take away the right of workers as hard-won ", He assured the highlight ever, a Government, Amazon was so benefited, as a PT government.

Elijah Emanuel recalled Councilman, it was the government of Dilma Rousseff who was buried a successful project of the FHC administration, not Amazonas, the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA).

Marcel Alexander, in turn, He said he contemplated speech Elijah Emanuel. "There is no coup. The blow was struck in the Brazilian people who believed in a project that had a lot behind, in which hidden unemployment, hole in public administration and money diverted to countries in Latin America ", he said. He said he hoped the PMDB union with the PSDB, government Michel Temer, can help in the way that happened in the government of Itamar Franco and Fernando Henrique Cardoso. And the government can think of a model of economic and social development with return of credibility and resulting family and economic structure.

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