Indians and farmers fighting Paulistas for land tenure in Balbina

Audience clarified that there is no conflict between Indians and farmers in the area.
08/08/2016 18h06 - Updated 8/08/2016 18h08
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Deputies, representatives of federal agencies, state and municipal, as well as farmers of Presidente Figueiredo explained that there is no conflict between the Wamiri-Atroari Indians and the land settled by Incra in the Power of the surrounding area Balbina. What exists is a lawsuit filed in federal court for decades by São Paulo businessmen claiming the land, but they never used it. Neither the Indians are complaining to each other the area and not the farmers will be evicted from their plots.

This subject was discussed in Public Hearing of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), in this Monday (8), in Presidente Figueiredo (distant 117 KM Manaus), the request of the president of the State Parliament, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), just to clarify the established conflict for more than eight years.

The President of the Indigenous Affairs of Aleam, Mr Vicente Lopes (PMDB), He said that in the past the federal government loteou land between and São Paulo businessmen, but these never came to take care of the earth. They never used. But, in the mid 1980, the federal government expropriated the land donated for the construction of the Balbina Dam. And the "Paulistas owners" started to demand lots in Federal Court, seeking compensation whose total was around R $ 300 millions.

The state attorney, Daniel Viegas, confirmed the existence of proceedings in the Federal Court and municipal (in the region of Presidente Figueiredo) on this case. And the state acts as interested to keep these lands in the possession of producers and indigenous. The prosecutor reassured farmers, reporting that, in a recent decision, federal judge Jaiza Fraxe determined only that the Union and the National Indian Foundation (Funai) complete the study for the revision of the boundaries of Indigenous Wamiri Atroari, and defining which areas are effectively occupied by indigenous.

In addition to the procurator, the representative of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) not Amazonas, Raimundo Atroari, and the president of the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM), Joao Frederico Guimarães Cruz, reassured farmers and farmers who were present, stating that the lands in question are not indigenous lands.

According to geologist Guimarães Cruz, anthropological reports of DNPM show that this is not indigenous land. And still, it would be illegal to expand the land of indigenous Wamiri Atroari. According to him, the jurisprudence set during the demarcation of the Raposa Serra do Sol, It provides that it is not possible to expand indigenous lands after five years of the approval date. And in the case of the Land of Wamiri, It would only be possible to expand the area to 1994, as the area was approved in 1989.

During the hearing spoke producers fearful of losing their land, including the producer Magali Santos, President of the Garden Forest Cluster. “We will not surrender our lands without struggles. Land of our fathers, our children and our grandchildren, and we will not leave there without a fight”,said.

Mr Abdala Fraxe (PTN), who led the work at the sitting, He said the attorney general's Aleam will also act as interested in the process, gathering the information gathered at the hearing and submitted by community leaders and farmers, which also brought petitions claiming ownership of the land. “The Assembly, No doubt, will closely monitor the progress of this process so that no injustice is committed”, said.

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