Prosecution Informant reaffirms that Dilma committed a crime committed

Julius said was intended to make up the accounts and that "the recipient of the payment is the credit borrower".
25/08/2016 15h27 - Updated 25/08/2016 15h27
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The Public Prosecutor by the Federal Audit Court (TCU), Julio Marcelo de Oliveira, author of the opinion that rejected the government accounts of Dilma Rousseff 2014, He reiterated that there was a crime committed also in 2015. to Oliveira, what,at this time, answers the first questions from senators in the trial of Rousseff's impeachment. He said the president away could not have issued the decrees without congressional authorization.

"The decrees were issued without compliance with this constitutional law. The Executive issued decrees considered as incompatible with achieving the goal [fiscal]”, he said.

The prosecutor added that the TCU has not issued any guidance changing this rule, even when Congress is to consider proposals to amend the fiscal target this year. "There is no decision of the previous TCU to the judgment of accounts 2014, occurred in 2015, saying that such credits could be opened, thus, lending credit the conduct of the Executive ", said, adding that there is also no exception even in cases of extra storage.

Asked about the delays in transfers to public banks responsible for payment of policy benefits, as loans from the Harvest Plan – called by the prosecution of tax pedaling, Oliveira said "are loans".

The prosecutor said that there was intent to make up the accounts and that "the beneficiary of the payments due by the Treasury to the bank, actually, It is the credit borrower ", that is, the farmer himself. "He [the government] It is forcing the Bank of Brazil to subsidize the farmer. And when the Treasury is making the payment is doing to promote the farmer, in his name ", he said.

Julio Marcelo is being heard in the informant condition. Triggered by Dilma Rousseff defense lawyer, José Eduardo Cardozo, the chairman, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, He made the decision (informant condition) after the prosecutor admitted that participated in the movement comes to Ramp, which aimed to encourage ministers to reject the TCU Dilma management accounts.

Despite the prosecutor denied the defense's allegations, to avoid the process of nullity of daily graded recitations by the Supreme Court (STF) and international courts, Ricardo Lewandowski, saw fit to hear it just as informant.

In cases such, witnesses are considered evidence of the process. But the informant collaborates only with technical information, but still have to tell the truth. Another difference is that as an informant Julio Marcelo is under no obligation to stay incommunicado in a hotel in Brasilia until the end of the last witness testimony, it should only take place on Saturday (27). As for the process of the witnesses still have to comply with the rule.

Still three more people will be heard in the control condition.

Source: Agency Brazil

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