Internal the Provisional Female Detention Center present stage show in Manaus

The piece was created during Extension Project activities 'Will', a partnership of UEA with SEAP.
12/08/2016 07h46 - Updated 12/08/2016 10h53

An application for recognition by society. That was one of the objectives of 14 Interior of Women Provisional Detention Center (CDPF) when they stepped on the Installation Theater stage, in Manaus Center. The show “The sun is Back” It happened on the afternoon of Thursday, day 11 of August, and it was staged for an audience composed of internal Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj), the semi-open unit Female Prison (UPSF) e, the most exciting of all, family members of inmates.

The show was created during Extension Project activities 'Will', done by teachers and students of Theatre course of the School of Arts and Tourism (you are) the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), in partnership with the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP).

According to the coordinator of the course Theatre, Annie Martins, the project contributes to the role of internal rehabilitation of the society. "He's developed two years ago in both systems: female and male. The name of the work comes from 'free will', because whoever participates. We have a paper ant to give 'voice' those that were oppressed. It is a great achievement hear of prison directors to change the participants of the project ", evaluated.

The extension coordinator of UEA, Isaac Santos Souza, He highlighted the partnership of UEA with SEAP. "We know the importance of the university in the role of resocialization. The goal is also working hope ", he emphasized.

One of the participants of the show, Juliany da Silva, believes that artistic events, mainly or theater, It is one way to show society another view of the internal. "Because we caught many think that we can not. The show was produced by each of the internal and highlight what we live inside the prison and what we want ", he emphasized.

thrilled, José Maria Pereira de Souza, Inner mother Monaliza Pereira de Souza, He believes that the "Agency Project" is a great opportunity. "My daughter was the church and lived shining when working with children. Today I felt thrilled to see my daughter, once again, solta e feliz”, said.

Will project – Developed by students and teachers of the Theatre Course at UEA, the Extension Project 'Will: Theatre in Prisons Manaus' was created in 2014. The goal is to use theater as a means of social reintegration and access to sensitive processes of collective seeking the rehabilitation of internal.

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