Internal male and female semi-open will have the benefit of the temporary outlet for Father's Day

The presiding judge examines the processes of each internal checking the requirements for granting the benefit.
12/08/2016 15h05 - Updated 12/08/2016 15h05
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Near 50 internal male and female semi-open regime will receive the benefit of the temporary departure this weekend for Father's Day. The State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) It clarifies that the output is authorized by law, based on the Law of Penal Execution (No law 7.210/84) and it is intended only for prisoners of the semi-open regime. The outputs that started on Thursday (11) may extend to Tuesday (16), depending on each case. Among the allowed out temporarily in this period, 25 They are the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj) semi-open and 25 the semi-open unit Female Prison (UPSF).

The Secretary of State for Prison Administration, Pedro Florencio, It explains that the temporary outlets usually occur in specific holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day, for socializing and visits to family. "The output is properly regulated and authorized by the judge of the Court of Criminal Executions (VEP), obeying the law criteria and also evaluating the good behavior of inmates to authorize the use of the benefit ".

VEP authorized the use of 35 days granted to each internal semi-open in five periods of seven days during the year. The presiding judge examines the processes of each internal checking the requirements for granting the benefit.

Pedro Florencio underscores the importance of this benefit in the person's reintegration collaboration incarcerated back to society. "These outputs enable the internal, already in a fulfillment of end stage of their feathers, can spend a few days with family, at home. This reinforces the family support that these people should have to return to society, since from the over 10 thousand inmates not Amazonas, the the semi-open are the ones that are closer to gaining freedom ".

According to the secretary, the control has become effective, given the experience 2015, when more than 70 internal received temporary outlet for end of year festivities, not having records of authorized benefit, crimes involved during the period, having only two semi-open Compaj not returning the agreed day, It is immediately forwarded the name of both the VEP. "A few days later, these two internal presented again to the unit, because they fear that the regime was enacted regression. This was a result of the work and commitment of SEAP along with the judiciary to provide the benefit to which the prisoner of the semi-open has the right to order and discipline ".

Rumors of social networks

As the rumors spread on social networks on the release of 1.200 inmates through clemency, SEAP states that are false, since none of the arrested Amazon prison regime will receive a pardon this time of year. The reprieve means forgiveness pen, with its consequent extinction, and it is granted only at the end of the year, It is popularly known as 'reprieve Christmas'. The granting of clemency is regulated by a Decree of the President of the Republic, based on Article 84, XII of the Constitution, requiring a document prepared with the approval of the National Council on Criminal and Penitentiary Policy (CNPCP) and hosted by the Ministry of Justice, It is edited annually.

Presidential Decree establishes conditions for granting clemency, pointing the prisoners who can and who can not be covered. Normally, the benefit is intended for inmates who have good behavior, They are imprisoned for a certain time, are paraplegics, tetraplégicos, complete blindness carriers, mothers of children under 14 years and must have completed at least two-fifths of the sentence in closed or semi-open regime. There can benefit from the pardon those convicted for crimes of torture, terrorism, narcotics trafficking and heinous crimes.

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