Ipaam timber fine in almost R $ 1 million per extract and market timber from illegal areas in the AM

The enforcement action was held between 21 e 26 of August.
30/08/2016 16h42 - Updated 31/08/2016 15h14
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The Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) embargoed and fined him nearly R $ 1 million two timber in the municipalities of Novo Aripuana and Apuí, respectively 453 e 227 kilometers from Manaus, in the southern Amazon, for fraud in DOF system (Document of Forest Origin) and by having wooden storage of logs and sawn without proof of origin. The enforcement action was held between 21 e 26 of August, the Forest Control Management.

They were seized 423,5128m3 (cubic meters) madeira (314,4519m3 of roundwood and sawnwood 109,0608m3) native species Angelim, Cedrinho, Copaibão, Cumaru, cupiuba, faveira, Garapeira, Ipe, Maçaranduba, Roxinho and Sucupira. The action resulted in the application of 1 (one) embargo term / interdiction and issuance of 2 (two) tax assessments totaling R $ 986.073,80 in fines.

In Novo Aripuana, offenders "heating up" the logs extracted from illegally deforested areas as if they were the Forest Management Plan (PMFS). The inspection was through complaint to Ipaam and through the DOF federal system monitoring. Gifts seals the logs as if they were legal were defrauded and did not refer to anything.

Generally, the noble wood extracted from the southern Amazon is marketed in South and Southeast regions of Brazil, It is used for the manufacture of floors, decks, liners, vigamentos, doors and furniture.

Lacking legal origin, the wood will be donated to charities and municipalities registered in Ipaam and are generally reused for construction.

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