Alligator Combat Submission will 13 Arena Amadeu Teixeira fights on

The event will bring together the cream of the sport, distributed 13 fights and will host Ronaldo Jacare.
19/08/2016 08h12 - Updated 19/08/2016 11h24
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The first edition of Alligator Combat Submission (JSC) will take place on Saturday (20), a partir das 19h, Arena Amadeu Teixeira (Loris Cordovil Street, Flores). The event will bring together the cream of the sport, distributed 13 fights and will host Ronaldo Jacare.

One of the conflicts that promises to shake the public JSC is among Dileno Lopes and Keny Pinheiro. On one side is the UFC bantamweight and the other one of the revelations of MMA Amazon. The contractor of the largest franchise in the world struggles, first enter the scene after the second defeat in the UFC (July this year for the American Anthony Birchak) and says it plans to dominate the opponent on the ground to take the win.

"Since my last fight I did not fail to train not to lose focus. I am strengthening quite my share of wrestling and submission. I'm training with Professor Alan Ferreira, which has a very aggressive wrestling and sinister, and my dedication is daily so I can make a good fight. I'm training three times a day to stay fully sharp ", stated.

Also according Dileno, its strategy to exit the consecration was relentlessly study the opponent fight mode. "I've seen him fight and I know his game. Everything is studied. The fighting in the gi is a fight that training since childhood. I'm home and quiet. I count on the support of the fans ", he said.

revelation baré
Owner of a cartel unbeaten and participation in the Shooto Brazil, Keny wanted to show Dileno because he is undefeated. The revelation baré, inclusive, He is proud to say that collecting three wins in the first round.

"I never fought him (Dileno). I have seen his fights and I've done my strategies and I am prepared for whatever comes. I'll fight him in the category 68kg in submission and I feel ready for the challenge ", said the fighter 26 years, who will also participate in a competition of MMA this month.

One day before the clashes, this Friday, 19 of August, the JSC fighters will rise to the scale to prove they really are ready for the event. The scenario chosen for the 'litmus test' is the Amazon Jungle Palace Hotel, located on the banks of the Rio Negro.

"All fighters have arrived in Manaus and are to win seat. The card was handpicked by Alligator and I'm sure the audience will like it very much this event, It is prepared to present a different structure and surprise who is honoring the struggles. The Ronnys, which also makes the main event, along with Neto BJJ, Goiânia, They are already in the city and no one wants to miss the chance to show their best. It will be blood in the eye ", said the event organizer, Vander Araújo.

Social action
The organization of the JSC will allocate thousand tickets as a donation to the Baré Association of Capoeira. Tickets will be sold and the proceeds will be passed to the entity that has the main objective of bringing the culture of the sport and support the needy of our state communities.

"We seek an association, in partnership with Sejel, to donate this ticket and turn them into income for this project that serves more than two thousand people, both in Capital, as in other interior municipalities, Parintins, Maués, Manacapuru. It is a social action that is good for those who are also participating in the event, as by example we can influence a lot of people ", said Vander Araújo.

Tickets for the JSC are being sold in seven points of the City, and: Asian Fashion (East Town Shopping), Academia Live (Avenida das Torres and New Town), box office Amadeu Teixeira, Churrascaria Primeangus (Djalma Batista), Gallery Holy Spirit (Street Joaquim Sarmento) and Remedios Gallery (Street Miranda Lion). The values ​​are between R $ 10 and R $ 20 grandstand seat.

"It's good to get as soon as the tickets, but for those who do not have time, we will be selling at the time the tickets, only in Amadeu Teixeira box office ", Vander announced.
*Sales hours in the Centre's galleries: from 9h to 12h and 13h to 17h.

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