Janot request asks Lula for investigation against him again transact the Supreme is not accepted

In July, Lula defense took an appeal to the Supreme Court, where lawyers asked at the outset that all research on Lula again transact the Supreme.
10/08/2016 13h52 - Updated 10/08/2016 14h15
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The General Attorney (PGR), Rodrigo Janot, He delivered a document to the Supreme Court (STF) in which it claims that an action brought to court by the defense of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is not accepted. The prosecutor also calls for an injunction decision (provisional) granted by the President of the Court, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, in the same action, be canceled.

In July, the defense of the former president took an appeal to the Supreme Court, where lawyers asked at the outset that all research on Lula again transact the Supreme. The lawyers argue that parliamentarians cited in dialogues with the former president have privileged forum and, that is why, They can only be judged by the Court.

During the judicial recess last month, the Chief Justice decided that the part where Lula appears in stapled with political talks should be separated so that the rapporteur of the case, Minister Teori Zavascki, examine the legality of the investigation. During or withdrawal, President of the Court judges the actions considered urgent.

In June, a decision of Teori Zavascki minister referred the investigation into the former president to the judge Sergio Moro. Teori annulled a recording made during Operation Lava Jet in Lula appears talking to the then President Dilma Rousseff.

In the event delivered yesterday (9), Janot who claims, the injunction granted by Lewandowsk, during or withdrawal, It was not treated sufficiently to fit or not the type of action used by the defense to present the facts to the Supreme. Janot said Moro is not disregarding the decision of Teori, which referred the case to the lower court and the judge, according to the information that was provided in the process, "Is taking the necessary precautions to give effect to the decision". Before granting the injunction, Lewandowski asked Moro send information to the Court.

no document, Janot also noted that, despite the minister Teori Zavascki annulling the recording of the conversation between Dilma and Lula, the others were preserved. “ (…) there was recognition of the nullity of the content of conversations collected after court order interruption of telephone intercepts, not those other harvested before the interruption decision, which remain valid and can be used if they have evidential relevance in future criminal proceedings ", the text says.

"That said, no disrespect to the decision that the Supreme Court, nor usurpation of competence, It should be revoked the injunction granted, dismissing the complaint ", asks Janot in the demonstration. The request will be considered by the Minister Teori Zavascki, which is the case of the rapporteur.

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