Olympics end with rain, joy and carnival

More than 200 countries participating in the Olympics 2016 They said goodbye to Brazil at a ceremony held in the rain.
22/08/2016 08h36 - Updated 22/08/2016 08h36
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At a party has reinforced its best and overstepped the boundaries fluminenses to speak of art and national culture, in Rio de Janeiro took leave of the Olympic Games on Sunday evening (21), in a ceremony held at Maracanã Stadium. On show designed to highlight the creativity of the Brazilian and his ability to create with their own hands, the tone was of celebration and reconciliation.

in Maracanã, over 200 countries participating in the Olympics 2016 said goodbye to Rio de Janeiro at a ceremony held in the rain and right again to a lot of Brazilian music, principalmene or samba.

Compared to the opening ceremony, the closure had budget and reduced time, which traditionally takes place in Olympics. In addition to receiving a lower financial contribution, with final figures not disclosed by the organizers, the final presentation is also shorter. While the opening was extended for four hours, the closure lasted 2:30 a.m..

The large amount of empty seats, especially nearby lawn, drew attention. The Maracana was much emptier than the end of the men's soccer, held the previous day in the same stadium. Besides that, other impediments tested the creators of the show: the dress rehearsal of the choreography can be realized only hours before the ceremony. The weather also did not cooperate, with rain, cold and strong winds during most of the ceremony.

Faced with the limitations imposed by the ceremony site, as little space is available, places at the field level and the doors of less than two meters high, artistic resources that have worked in the opening, like projections and choreography, They were used again.

Repeating an Olympic tradition, the men's marathon awards ceremony took place in the middle of closing, delivery of the last medals of the Games. The gold went to the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, silver with Ethiopian Feyisa Lilesa and bronze with the American Galen Rupp. In the presentation of the newly elected athletes to compose the Commission of the International Olympic Committee Athletes (WATCH), the most applauded was the Russian vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva.

After the tribute to the Rio volunteers 2016, the singer Lenine presented a version made for them in your music Jack Soul Brasileiro, the flag of Greece was raised and the country's anthem sung for the gathering of the Olympic flag.

In the passage to the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, Mayor Eduardo Paes announced and ended up being very heckled. In his speech, o presidente do COI, Thomas Bach, scored, in Portuguese: "Thanks, Brazil! These were wonderful Olympic Games, in the Marvelous City ".

By the time Bach declared the Games closed, a wail echoed from the stands. The Olympic flame was extinguished in an act full of symbolism. While Mariene singer Castro played music By the time last, Marisa Monte and Adriana Calcanhotto, a rain, which is plenty of tropical waters, fell on the pyre, extinguishing the fire.

The last message, However, was renewed. A large tree made of rope was hoisted at center stage, amid colorful representation of flora, reinforcing the beginning of a new cycle.

And the Maracanã turned carnival with the arrival of the Black Ball Cord and samba school members, packed by marchinha "Marvelous City", hymn of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The audience stood to sing the marchinhas earning the established street carnival and samba plots. The party was complete with the arrival of a float, inviting the athletes to take the field and monitor the fireworks. Just missed warn that the party was over: athletes, volunteers and the audience continued dancing, to the sound of samba played on the speakers, as if the Games were just beginning.

Source: Agency Brazil

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