TSE judges want vigilantism Lava-Jet in action against Rousseff and Temer

Recent vigilantism Lava-jet operation can compromise the interim president.
12/08/2016 09h29 - Updated 12/08/2016 09h32
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Recent vigilantism Lava-jet operation compromising for the interim president Michel Temer may be included in cassation proceedings plate Rousseff and Temer, second request of the Ministers of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE).

Backstage, the Court members have set their minds the possibility of requesting the documents to the judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Petrobras deviations scheme in the Federal Court in Curitiba. Moro has sent to court various documents to support the case against the victorious plate in elections 2014, but the most recent denunciations were not yet formally requested.

For a while, the denunciations citing alleged irregularities committed by Temer were not confirmed by Justice. That is why, They should be kept confidential. After homologated, these deletions may be shared. The rapporteur of the processes in TSE, Minister Maria Thereza de Assis Moura, It is in charge until the end of the month. As the approval shall take longer to occur, the decision to request the sharing of proof should rest with the next magistrate court, Minister Herman Benjamin.

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