impeachment trial will start day 25 and should last three days, says Renan

It is decided whether there will be meeting at the weekend, or if the trial will be suspended on Friday and resumed in the second.
11/08/2016 08h33 - Updated 11/08/2016 08h34
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Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), reported today (10) that will make a meeting with party leaders next week to define the details and rules of the impeachment trial session away President Rousseff. according to Renan, the session will commence on 25 this month and is expected to last at least three days. "But I hope it does not come in the fourth day."

According to Renan, It is not decided whether there will be meeting at the weekend, or if the trial will be suspended on Friday and resumed in the second. This should be resolved in the next week meeting. "O presidente [do Supremo Tribunal Federal] [Ricardo] Lewandowski asked us to do, as soon as we have a quote from the President and the fulfillment of the defense and the prosecution deadlines, this meeting to establish a roadmap for the trial session. "

Congress session
Renan also said that the session of the National Congress for voting presidential vetoes and the Budget Guidelines Law, that could not be performed today for lack of quorum, It has been rescheduled for the next day 23.

According to Senator, it was not possible to schedule the session for next week because the House passed a special calendar, and the deputies only return to attend the house on week days 22 e 23 Of this month.

Similarly, Renan said he will set with party leaders a special timetable for the functioning of the Senate in the campaign period and municipal elections, time when, traditionally, parliamentarians themselves absent from Congress and dedicated to their bases in.

DRU and debt states
Next week, Senators will vote the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) the untying of Union Revenues (DRU). The PEC must undergo five discussion sessions before going to vote and, for this, the deadlines are being counted in the sessions this week.

According to Renan, Senators will also deliberate on the bill that deals with the renegotiation of the debt of states, which was approved yesterday in the House. The senator said the governors are still heard on their claims for the project, but parliamentarians must not change the text sent by the House.

"We should adopt the way it came from Chamber. Yesterday [9] We had a talk with the governors, and we will have new conversation with them governors next week, to set a referral to the state elections that were not included with the renegotiation of the debt. "

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