Justice denies request for release of terrorist suspect arrested in the AM

The defense Oziris, It claims that Oziris is young, It has lawful employment and is the only family provider.
16/08/2016 10h45 - Updated 16/08/2016 10h45
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The application of freedom presented by the defense Oziris Moris Lundi dos Santos de Azevedo, one of the 14 arrested in Operation Hashtag, accused of involvement with the terrorist group Islamic State (NO) to plan attacks during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, It was denied federal court plea. The decision is the judge Josegrei Marcos da Silva, holder of the 14th Federal Court of Curitiba.

The defense Oziris, It claims that Oziris is young, It has lawful employment and is the only family provider. Besides that, the defense argued that the investigation failed to identify, in intercepted telephone conversations, elements which would conclusively prove the involvement of the accused with the Islamic State.

The court decision noted that Oziris was identified as the founder of the secret group on Facebook entitled Defenders of Sharia. Marcos Josegrei judge set the accused as "one of the most active and radical in their posts in support of atrocities committed by the Islamic State in the name of their distorted and violent conception of the Koran and the Islamic faith".

in the decision, the magistrate noted that, during investigations, were intercepted electronic messages exchanged between the accused and a person identified as Leonid.

Segundo Marcos Josegrei, in Oziris messages discusses details about the financing of a cell of the Islamic State in Brazil, in addition to responding positively to the call for martial arts training and weapons handling at a site in Bolivia.

"The engagement of evidence to the terrorist cause sponsored by the Islamic State justifying the declaration of temporary investigated prison were not only eloquent enough to support it and now remained more ruggedized yet", He concluded the judge in the defense's request rejection.

Source: Agency Brazil

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