Lava Jato investigates box 2 in Lula's re-election campaign

The 33th stage of the operation was triggered today and investigates allegations of illegal payments to the campaign of former president.
02/08/2016 11h06 - Updated 2/08/2016 15h44
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The 33th phase of Operation Lava Jato, triggered today (2) Federal Police (PF), It has with one of the objectives clarify allegations that the campaign of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva received illegal payments, the so-called "box 2", the consortium Quip, who had billionaires contracts with Petrobras.

The owner of the UTC Engineering, Ricardo Pessoa, He told the judge Sergio Moro, last year, the consortium Quip transferred R $ 2,4 million in cash to the treasurer of Lula's re-election campaign, José de Filippi Junior. The video of the whistleblower was reported in the press.

The operation Tuesday's main target contractor Queiroz Galvão, majority partner of the consortium Quip, it has entered into billionaires contracts with Petrobras for the renovation and construction of oil drilling platforms, as P-53 and P-55.

"It is an investigation that is still ongoing in relation to gathering evidence, basically what we have is an account of employees that in 2006 Quip would have been abordadada. election donations were requested,, actually, It would also be a payment of unfair advantage because of the P-53 platform ", said the delegate of PF Renata da Silva Rodrigues.

Two preventive arrest warrants, targeting the former executives of Queiroz Galvão Othon Zanoide and Idelfonso Colares, They were met today by PF. The executive Quip Marco Pereira Reis had decreed temporary detention, but the court order has not yet been fulfilled by him is abroad.

Source: Agency Brazil

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