Lava Jet investigates the Brazil Bank contracts

Irregular contracts for software and services exceed R $ 150 millions.
01/08/2016 10h21 - Updated 1/08/2016 10h21
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Operation Lava Jet investigates the payment of fees in contracts to supply software and computer services to the Bank of Brazil, what, added, exceed R $ 150 millions.

Documents obtained by the Federal Police, in Curitiba, indicate that a “front company”, accused of corruption and money laundering Petrobras, received even transfers 10% in business with the bank, closed between 2008 e 2010, as “commission”.

It is the first front of investigations Lava jet in Brazil Bank contracts since the operation was triggered, in March 2014. Until here, Business Caixa Economica Federal (CEF) and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) They were under suspicion.

The Bank of Brazil, through its press office, reported that the Board “determined the immediate realization of internal audit of the major technology area of ​​contracts, signed since 2008”.

Four contracts and contract amendment that are under investigation, since June. Contracted bank are the Action Computer Brazil, the PBTI Solutions and CTIS technology.

The three are suppliers of the state institution technology services and operating in Brazil as developers of representatives software as the US Oracle Corporation and BMC Software.

Action, PBTI and CTIS started to be investigated after the identification, by task force, payments made by them to the Credential Construction, Representation and Participation – firm was targeted by investigators. Their owners are accused of corruption in Petrobras contracts, with transfers of proven values ​​for the former minister of Staff José Dirceu – arrested and sentenced, in Curitiba.

breach of confidentiality enacted by order of the federal judge Sergio Moro, Lava Jato, identified the three contracted the Bank of Brazil transferred, in 2009 e 2010, a total of R $ 8,1 million for Credential.

For years researchers, it states – who entered the radar of Lava Jato to have received, between 2010 a 2013, R$ 29,76 million suppliers of Petrobras – is “ghost” used to pay gratuities to public and political agents.

“A company (Credential) He would have received millionaires values ​​of contractors, and still other companies, without having had equivalent expenses or apparent structure to provide any service to them”, informs the Federal Public Ministry.

opened in 2004, in Sumaré (SP), Credential moved millions with large amounts of cash withdrawals, but they do not have staff or thirst with physical structure.

the owners, Eduardo Meira and Flavio Macedo, They were arrested by Lava Jato, in May, the 30th stage targets, named Operation Addiction, for involvement in corruption.

With the information that three companies in the same industry with procurement had paid Credential, the Federal Police demanded that they prestassem clarification.

The action, a PBTI, the CTIS and their executives reported in June that the firm paid service “intermediation” e “expediting” contracts with Banco do Brazil. Neither company cites bribery, but yes “commission”.

The PBTI said the Credential served and helped “expediting” three contracts with Banco do Brazil, all signed the waiver criteria bidding – by engaging exclusive product information provided by it.

Businesses that had investigated the participation involved high values – R$ 50 millions, R$ 36 million and R $ 12 millions.

The contract CTIS technology, company president, Alvadir da Silva Oliveira, He said in testimony given on 28 of June, in Curitiba, the Credential was nominated to participate in the negotiation of a subsidiary bank, Cobra Tecnologia, which is now called Bank of Brazil Technology and Service (BBTS).

Enio Issa and Maurice David Teixeira, two former members of the Action, stated that an Oracle representative multinational and an executive of the Brazilian Memora Innovative Processes directed to pay the fee for the Credential.

Through his lawyers, owners Credential reported that the company is not “facade” and either “paying school fees”. The PBTI said it has manifested itself in the case and that is collaborating. Representatives of CTIS did not respond to questions.

Oracle reported that investigates “misconduct allegations seriously and cooperates fully with any government authorities request”. The Memora denied having relations with Credential.


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