Occupancy Permit Simplified Act should warm mortgages in Manaus

The project calls for speed in real estate regularization undocumented, built before November 2002.
01/08/2016 16h05 - Updated 2/08/2016 07h23
Photo: Press Release / Robervaldo ROCK / CMM

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), He used the rostrum of the House, on the morning of Monday (1º), to congratulate the mayor of the municipality by the sanction of Law 2.155/16, the Occupancy Permit Simplified, providing speed in real estate regularization undocumented, built before November 2002. Barreto, still, congratulated the Legislature for approval of the project and pointed out that the initiative will leverage the real estate financing.

"I understand that this law is one of the best and most important with regard to housing policy. That was hard and thoroughly debated in this House. The other step now, and I talked to the secretary Roberto Moita (Municipal Institute of City Planning / Implurb), we need to spread and facilitate access to the law, because there are many questions of what is the Occupancy Permit Simplified”, he argued.

The sanction allows the regularization, less than 90 days, of buildings, additions and renovations, plus homes (detached, commercial 1 and mixed) up to 200 square meters and a maximum 2 floors, who are now at odds with the bylaw. “The Occupancy Permit Simplified, which was a law passed by this House, help people out of rent and build assets”, pointed.

The government leader, Councilman Elias Emanuel (PSDB), he added, after the pronouncement of Wilker, that is Implurb, still, create a department in the specific body to deal with the Occupancy Permit Simplified.

The Occupancy Permit Simplified is the result of the existing device regulation in the Master Plan. The instrument was created in the plan review, made in 2014, from parliamentary amendments of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), proposed by the President of the Legislative House, Councilman Wilker Barreto, and ex-president, today, State Representative Bosco Saraiva (PSDB).

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