Injury leaves the national team striker out of the game in Manaus

Cristiane, which is record for goals in Olympics, It will be replaced by Debinha.
09/08/2016 08h14 - Updated 9/08/2016 14h55
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The striker of the Brazilian national football Cristiane is out of tomorrow's game (9) against South Africa, In Manaus, and will be replaced by Debinha. A starting, the group stage of the Olympic Games Rio groups 2016, It is scheduled for 21h (local time, 22h in Brasilia), in the Amazon Arena.

Cristiane felt pain in the thigh and left the field in the game last Saturday (6), in Engenhão, in which Brazil beat Sweden by 5 a 1. According to medical bulletin released today (8) the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the athlete underwent an MRI examination in which was found a small lesion in the biceps femoris.

At a news conference on the afternoon of Monday in Manaus, technical Vadão said it was not possible to assess whether the attacker, which is record for goals in Olympics, still will be able to play in the tournament.

"It is obvious that she is out of the game, but we still give more time for it to redo the medical examination. We did a survey here (In Manaus), It was too early, but we did, and we hope to do again another in Belo Horizonte. After that it will be evaluated more calmly. We are optimistic and athlete also, but it still depends on a test cycle ", evaluated.

As Brazil has already qualified for the next phase, Vadão said some athletes can be saved in the game in the Amazon Arena, but to no avail names.

The coach criticized the comparison between the women's team and men, which has not presenting the same good performance in Rio 2016. "This comparison will not lead to anything. O [soccer] male is one thing and the other is female, although football. This comparison is not healthy for us because within the CBF we are a selection only. The boys, including Neymar himself, send audio and video messages to the girls before the games and they send for them. There is no such rivalry. I think this comparison is growing a lot and it's not healthy for Brazilian football ", said Vadão.

In Saturday's game, the crowd shouted in Engenhão at various departure times that "Marta is better than Neymar", comparing the captains of the two teams. Yesterday, in Brasilia, during the men's soccer match between Brazil and Iraq, who finished 0 a 0, fans also shouted the name of Marta.

USA x Colombia
Before the game between Brazil and South Africa, the Amazon Arena will receive match between the women's teams of the United States and Colombia, to 18h, local time. Tickets are already sold out.

Source: Agency Brazil

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