Lewandowski today defines script final judgment of impeachment

Among the points that need to be clarified is , for example, the time that each senator will have to speak.
17/08/2016 08h30 - Updated 17/08/2016 08h30
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The President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, set on Wednesday (17) as will be the final judgment of the script away President Rousseff, scheduled to start the next day 25, at 9 am, on the Senate floor. The example of what made the pronunciation phase of the process, once again the minister will meet with the chairman of the House, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), and party leaders to set the details. The meeting will be at 11 am.

Among the points that need to be clarified is , for example, the time that each senator will have to speak and present of order. It also needs to be agreed how long will the three witnesses named by the prosecution and six defense. Another question concerns the day that Rousseff will attend the home in person to defend himself, if you want.

Lewandowski will have to also set the time that will last each day of judgment, plus breaks and sessions will be convened over the weekend, as defend allies interim president Michel Temer. Even the pronunciation phase, asked the chairman of the Special Committee on Impeachment, Senator Raymond Lira (PMDB-PB), the minister had advance you want to score sessions on the weekend.

"One thing is you do on a Friday, on Saturday, a second, a trial session of the removal of a president. Another thing, completely different, is you establish other procedures, as witnesses to hearsay, discussion, participation of the defense or the prosecution. I think this decision must be immediately taken to one side or the other, with the participation of all ", Renan said on Tuesday (16).

Final vote
To ward definitely Rousseff's mandate, It will be needed this time two-thirds vote, that is, The support, no minimum, 54 of 81 senators. If this scenario is confirmed, the acting president definitely assumes the post and the PT is also ineligible for eight years. If the minimum necessary for impeachment is not reached, she takes up the mandate, and the process in the Senate is filed.

Source: Agency Brazil

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