Lewandowski denies suspension of two Dilma witnesses in impeachment

Ricardo also denied Rousseff's defense request to call experts.
20/08/2016 13h23 - Updated 20/08/2016 13h23
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The President of the Supreme Court (STF) and the impeachment process, Ricardo Lewandowski, denied today (19) request the prosecution to suspend the testimony of two witnesses enrolled in defense of President Dilma Rousseff away. The minister also handed down three decisions.

Lewandowski understood that the claims made by the authors of the impeachment process to prevent the testimony of economist Luiz Gonzaga Beluzzo and Geraldo Prado jurist are not among the causes of impediment provided for witnesses in the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP).

In other decisions, Minister accepted the request of the Miguel Reali Junior lawyer, one of the authors of the impeachment, to correct an error in the process and stating the justification of the alleged facts Dilma.

The chief justice also denied Rousseff's defense request to call experts and rejected the prosecution request for a video Jurist Bicudo was transmitted during the trial. weevil has 94 years and is in poor health.

The beginning of the final judgment Rousseff is scheduled to start next day 25, at 9 am, on the Senate floor. To definitively eliminate the president's mandate, It will be required two-thirds vote, that is, The support, no minimum, 54 of 81 senators.

If this scenario is confirmed, the acting president definitely takes office and the PT is ineligible for eight years. If the minimum necessary for impeachment is not reached, she takes up the mandate and the process in the Senate is filed.

Source: Agency Brazil

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