More than R $ 1 million in fines is applied to environmental offenders in operation against deforestation in the AM

Environmental monitoring to combat deforestation and burning punished many ranchers and loggers.
24/08/2016 08h31 - Updated 24/08/2016 14h58
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In action to combat deforestation in the southern Amazon, the Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam), in joint action with the Fire Brigade and Police Amazon Military, performed, between the days 8 e 19 of August, Jumapari the operation in the municipalities of Apuí, Humaita, Novo Aripuana, Manipur, Careiro, Borba, Tapauá, Canutama, Lábrea and Boca do Acre.

Environmental monitoring to combat deforestation and fires ended with punishment and application of more than one million reais in fines to several farmers and loggers in the areas of coverage of the BR-319 highway, BR-230 (Transamazônica), AM-174 and adjacent extensions.

The operation ended with the adoption of the following administrative procedures: issuance of 9 Notices of Infraction, related to deforestation and burning of sawmill waste in the open without the authorization of organ, totaling R $ 1.174.000,00 (one million and one hundred seventy-four thousand reais) in fines; and issuance of 6 Terms of Embargo / Interdiction, related areas cleared without authorization from the competent environmental agency.

The team 11 members consisted of environmental and technical analysts of Environmental Supervision Management of Ipaam, firefighters crowded in Forest Fire Battalion and Environment and military officers crowded into the Environmental Police Battalion and Ronda Chichi Cândido Mariano.

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