Manaus is able to host the Olympic Games, Visa ensures Manaus

In preparing to host the Olympic Games in Manaus, Visa Manaus held an inspections plan of action before and during the Olympics.
02/08/2016 14h17 - Updated 2/08/2016 16h31
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The Director of Health Surveillance of the city of Manaus (Visa Manaus), Fernando Branco, during the Tribuna Popular in the City Hall of Manaus (CMM), in commemoration of the National Health Surveillance Week, to be held on Friday (5), He highlighted the inspection work to prepare the Rio Olympics 2016 in Manaus and assured that the city is able to host the event.

A Tribuna Popular, held on the morning of Tuesday (2), the plenary of the Legislative House, President da initiative do CMM, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), chaired by the vice president of CMM, Councilman Hiram Nicholas (PSD), He was attended by the municipal secretary of Health, Homero Miranda Lion, the president of the Health Tax Union of Manaus (Sindfismma), Ellery Barreto and servers Anvisa Manaus and servants of Health Surveillance.

In preparing to host the Olympic Games in Manaus, Visa Manaus held an inspections plan of action before and during the Olympic Games, including, Certify the Health, project created by the body that oversaw 96 establishments like hotels, restaurants, breakfasts, points of sale of açaí, motels, among other establishments, located close to the sites of the events scheduled for the Olympics 2016, as reported Fernando Branco.

"These establishments had assessment monitoring, with basic requirements for seven weeks and more 80% the sites were adopted to work safely in food consumption Olympics, use of hotels, among other services offered ", said director.

Fernando Branco said, still, that during the Olympic Games, the agency will work with 30 tax in the Amazon Arena, in all events prior performing inspections and concluding with surveillance at the time of the games.

Week Activities
As for the National Week of Health Surveillance in Manaus, Director highlighted some activities performed, including, the completion of the health project, presented at the opening of Week, in the auditorium of the Municipal Health (Sems), in this Monday (1º), performing tributes to the oldest tax and highlights the body.

"During the week we will have moved educational lectures on the Mall in Manaus, with guidelines and pamphlets and conclude the celebrations with a lunch on Friday (5) for all tax and their families ", concluded Fernando Branco.

Ellery Barreto Costa said the week tells the story of struggles and achievements of category, but much remains to be done. "We need to review the issue of pensions and, for this, we will file a bill that favors the founders of the Health Surveillance ", Ellery noted Barreto.

"The CDC is present in almost all the actions of people and the importance of their activities we dream of a respected and autonomous surveillance, a broad and comprehensive manner. Already a lot of progress with many struggles for improvements, and now we enjoy these achievements, but we need to further improve labor relations ", said Homero Miranda Lion, adding that it is necessary to continue with the support of the executive and legislative branches and trade unions to add issues such as Career Plan, Careers and Salaries (PCCS) of Health tax.

In turn, Councilman Elias Emanuel recalled that over time the health inspection work has matured. "Today health surveillance is rigorous in their inspections and the next day 5 of August, date to commemorate the National Health Surveillance Week, wish to Manaus Prefecture keep looking with priority for this category ", observed the Parliamentary.

"The House at the right time fix the salaries of Semsa servers", He assured the vice president of CMM, Hiram Nicolau.

During Tribuna Popular, President of the Session delivered two plates tribute. The first secretary of the Semsa, Homero Miranda Lion, in recognition of the services rendered to public health by strengthening and consolidation of the Health Surveillance System Manaus.

Other board was delivered to the President of Sindfismma, Ellery Barreto Costa, the services and projects developed in the defense of the category of Health tax, the strengthening and consolidation of the Health Surveillance System Manaus.

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