British tabloid compares Marcela Temer with Marie Antoinette by extravagant spending

The newspaper cites flamboyant style of the French empress to point spending and tastes of women's acting president.
06/08/2016 17h44 - Updated 6/08/2016 17h47
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The Daily Mail spoke of the wife of Temer, Marcela. Second or Tabloid, the blonde 33 years, what is 42 years younger than Temer, from 75, He leads a life of Queen and has tastes and extravagant spending, that do not reflect the time of crisis facing Brazil, as well as the famous former French Empress Marie Antoinette.

in Article, the Daily Mail lists a series of acquisitions not only to Marcela, as for your family. Between them, international travel first class, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for Marcela's mother, Norma Tedeschi, and a life fueled by champagne, expensive clothes and liveliest party for sister, Marcela Fernanda Tedeschi.

The family Temer, the newspaper, It has four maids only for washing and ironing clothes, plus two maids, a cook and a bara to take care of the only son of Marcela Temer, Michelzinho, from 7 years.

Marcela has also reformed in several rooms of the official residence of the Vice President in Brasilia, the Palace Jaburu, it would have cost millions of reais in public money. Marcela would also insisted her husband compare a house for his mother and sister, Marcela Tedeschi, in Brasilia, valued at R $ 7 millions.

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